Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AARP Loses 60,000 Members By Supporting Pro-Rationing Health Care Agenda

All I can say is "Good." (Full article)

And would you consider 60,000 people a small percentage? I wouldn't. I still am appalled that an organization that is to help an aging population would think that supporting rationed health care is beneficial to their members. Sometimes I think I've woken up in Upside-Down World. Where black is white and water runs uphill. What is wrong with these people? It's becoming increasingly clear that they are simply not operating on a sane plane. It's amazing on many, many levels.

This summed it up for me:

NRLC executive director David O'Steen says the section of the bill could unduly influence patients to make decisions that would result in revoking lifesaving medical treatment or something as basic as food and water.

"But we are concerned ... it doesn't take a lot to push a vulnerable person — perhaps unwittingly — to give up their right to life-sustaining treatment," he explained.

Jennifer Popik, a medical ethics attorney with National Right to Life, offers additional explanation of the concerns.

She says "the pro-life fear is that efforts to push patients and prospective patients to prepare advance directives may in practice become a means of persuading or pressuring them to agree to less treatment as a means of saving money."

Popik points to a 2008 JAMA study that concluded: "On the other hand, patients who reported having end-of-life discussions received less aggressive medical care."

That's exactly it. Once a doctor realizes a patient has had that "end-of-life" discussion, he or she will immediately be under pressure to glaze over their care, not going in-depth for treatment. Because there is no other option than rationing health care if the government completely runs it.

I can't help but think of my dear, departed mama during this debate. If the government was running the show when she was alive, she most likely would not have received her colostomy, reverse-colostomy, and other health care that she needed. We would not have had extra few years we had with her, which included many loving moments with her family.

God gave man the ability to analyze and bring medical remedies to people, to help heal them and bring forth new life. All it seems to me is that the government wants to kill. Either abortion or euthanasia, it's the same thing in my eyes. Murder.

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