Friday, March 26, 2010

Jason Mattera, The Young Face of a Patriot #tcot #sgp #teaparty

Most of my ministry has been with encouraging young people, especially young women. When I was an academic/pastoral advisor for a ministry school, the students were mostly "twentysomethings." I thoroughly enjoyed encouraging them and challenging some of their viewpoints - but always found them refreshing. It's difficult to resist the energy of youth. When they are focused, they can be passionate and compelling. Some of the boldest evangelistic campaigns have often been started by the youth.

I was almost shocked to see someone like Jason Mattera. An earnest, good-looking young man, filled with vigor and drive, he seemed a perfect candidate to fall into Obama's army of youth who were enamored of the presidential candidate and played a key role in getting Barack Obama elected as the President of the United States. However, Jason Mattera is proving to be the White House's worst nightmare.

Mattera is the author of a new book, Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. I admit I haven't read the book but will. I am greatly encouraged that a young man like Mattera is willing to go head-to-head with these ignorant liberal politicians who support something like the monstrous healthcare bill without knowing what was in it. For a hilarious demonstration, watch this clip from Sean Hannity's show last night featuring Mattera as a guest:

Is that wild, or what?! I love how Al Franken tells him to "shut up and listen." Of course it isn't shocking when you think of these corrupt politicians trying desperately to scuttle under a rock like a cockroach when the light is shined directly on them. They love to get in front of a camera to tell us how they're "helping" us. But the moment someone starts to ask them the tough questions, they get defensive and ugly. Thank God for someone like Jason Mattera who intends on holding their feet to the fire.

I am greatly encouraged by Jason because I saw what was happening with the youth. They are notoriously impressionable and when surrounded by leftist professors and a liberal media that is nothing more than a propaganda machine - it is no wonder they swept Obama into office. The youth today have not been taught critical thinking skills. If they had, they would have been asking some hard questions during the presidential campaign. As it was, much emphasis was placed on emotion and this is the result. Jason Mattera is the only young person I know (other than my fiery 25-year old cousin) who has exposed the liberal agenda and voiced outrage.

I predict that Jason Mattera will get his own talk show one day. He has all the makings for being a phenomenal host: he is very sharp, well-spoken, and passionate. He drives home his points with a delightful, "brother," which just adds to his youthful charm. He is one to watch.

Support this young man any way you can. If you're on Twitter, follow him @JasonMattera. Then "tweet" the heck out of him. Also check out his blog and sign up for his updates. He is definitely one who deserves the support of conservatives. God bless you, Jason. We need about 100,000 like you.

P.S. If you use the Amazon link on the right, know that I just became an Amazon Affiliate because of this book.

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Al said...

1: Love how he dealt with Iowa's shame, Sen Harkin.

2: There are plenty of youg people like him that I work with as advisor to the College Republicans here in DBQ.