Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ignorant Women March Topless, 'Enraged' When Men Ogle #tcot #sgp

This has to be one of the more stupidest stories I've read for awhile. A group of Portland women marched topless to protest society's "double standard" when it comes to partial nudity. Seems they're ticked off that men can run around topless without fanfare but everyone makes a big deal when women do the same.

Honestly. Sometimes I wonder how women can be so dense.

I almost don't know where to begin with this story. There are so many erroneous presumptions that it's difficult to believe these are intelligent women protesting what obviously, eludes them. Unfortunately, in my state, we do have a statute that does not consider breasts "private parts." I discovered this in a roundabout way when I was browsing a brochure of an annual festival. This festival (which I have not attended nor would I), had a portion of the first page devoted to alerting festival-goers to "chill out" because "they were 'just boobs.'" I was appalled. The notice continued by saying that it was legal for women to be topless and to please not stare or make lewd comments to women when they were partially nude. Gosh. Who would ever think men would do something like that?

Here's the problem I have with it. First, it isn't an issue of a woman being afforded the same "freedom" as a man. Topless men are not objectified in American culture and if a small group of dense women think they can suddenly change society's perspective on this - after all of the "skin" magazines, the pornography, the rated R movies, the "girlie bars" with topless waitresses, etc., etc. - then they deserve all the ridicule they get.

Secondly, like it or not, these parts of a woman's body have been designed for two purposes: 1) as a way to prepare a woman for sexual intercourse and 2) as a channel to bring life and nourishment to a newborn baby. Sorry if this is too graphic or bold for the topless women, but there you have it. Despite all of the teasing that occurs in the media regarding "moobies" or male breasts, the sexual and primal connotation will never, ever be given to them.

In fact, if anything, the breasts of a man versus the breasts of a woman are prime examples of how women and men indeed are different from each other. I know this is difficult for the topless women crowd to understand because they consistently try to to pound a square peg into a round hole. It isn't the same nor will it ever be. Men can go topless and people usually don't care. (Unless you're being served food from him in which case, ew. Who wants a man's half-nude, hairy torso hanging over a plate of linguini?) But a topless woman has and always will elicit quite a different reaction.

I am sure there are plenty of men who understand perfectly well what I'm saying. And many men are all too willing to say, "Sure, why not? Go for the partial nudity!" But as a woman who knows that God has called the female gender to be so much more, and so much more dignified, I am protesting myself at this ridiculous inverse objectification of women. The fact that such public demonstrations are led by women make it all the more pathetic.

Here is their convoluted logic - and I have to admit I enjoy pointing it out:
  1. Women who work within the "skin industry" (exotic dancing, pornography) are "oppressed and objectified by men." This is bad.
  2. Women who decide to trot down a street and take off their tops are liberated. And woe to the man who oogles them. This is good.

So these women believe that just because it's their choice, that men should not react the way normal men react? Oy,veh.

Many of the women engaged in this craziness are lesbians, in which case they couldn't care less what a man thinks. But it does make me wonder. On one hand, these types don't want to used by men. But yet think nothing of cheapening their own worth by exposing themselves.

I suppose some will do anything for a little bit of attention. And in the end, that's the message I get from these stunts. A desperate cry for attention and validation. Very, very sad.


Mary N. said...

Yes, I saw this on the news, too. Ridiculous! Where is their common sense? Even my six year old understands the difference between a man and a woman's breasts and that it wouldn't be proper to go shirtless.

Michelle Therese said...

And why would a woman want to parade around shirtless? What is there to gain? Wow. The Feminists must be getting desprate before they're coming up with insane stuff like this!