Monday, August 2, 2010

"I Was a Party Girl, I Got Pregnant." #Catholic

This is a beautiful and bittersweet video of a young woman who admits she made some mistakes. Praise God that she chose life. If you have a young daughter or son, you may want to pass this to them. (mantilla nod to Carolina at The Crescat)


Rachel said...

God bless her. That's a great video.

Mairin :o) said...

That is a tremendous and honest video. It moved me to tears. I identified very much with her (except the partying).

Philip said...

Thanks for sharing our film. It just came out, so I'm curious what path you took to discover it, so we can do it again. :)

Mary Rose said...

Hi Philip. Great video! It was extremely well-done. I found it through a friend on Facebook who shared it with her friends. I thought it was an excellent video because of its message - never give up on trying to do the right thing.

That young girl could have taken the wrong path and had an abortion, but look at the precious life she has now with her little girl, and more importantly, knowing God is indeed the Creator of all life. She ran to Him.

This video goes along with my desire to see all young women respect themselves and resist the godless culture around them. I am really so happy this young lady did not despair completely but reached out. She is brave and her humility was deeply touching. God bless. :-)