Friday, November 5, 2010

Noteworthy Blog: Orwell's Picnic and Her Dead-On Pieces on Feminism #Catholic

A friend of mine recommended the blog "Orwell's Picnic." I remember reading it and instantly liking the opinions of its author, Hilary Jane Margaret White. Recently, a blog post of hers was featured on Pew Sitter and I loved it. The post, "A Hateful Ideology," showcased a video where a U.K. psychologist and Men's Rights activist said, "There's no way I would regard feminism as anything but an evil in our society."

Hilary Jane may categorize her post under the title "Why I don't like women," but she is one woman I do like. And there are many others who share the same opinion: that radical feminism has brought destruction and misery in to society.

I'm a very strong, independent woman, myself. But in my early days of being drawn to feminism, I quickly sensed something wasn't completely right. I didn't want to see men as the "enemy" but simply wanted my talents and expertise compensated fairly. I also am not the kind of personality that welcomed a full tank of anger and as I started to visit feminist events, I saw first-hand several patterns: women were either angry, frustrated, or depressed. None of these traits were attractive to me. Years later, as I've watched feminists gain more and more "rights" (sometimes at the expense of men's rights), I thought I'd finally see some satisfaction from their ranks. Not a chance.

Instead, it seems that many of these women are caught in a relentless wheel of dissatisfaction and that any victory they achieve is only celebrated for moments before cranking out more demands to be seen as equal. Equality, in my eyes, has been reached. Discrimination is not nearly as much of a problem as it was, say, in the sixties. I am grateful for this but yet am amazed that many of these radical feminists cannot rest and enjoy what has happened. Instead there is this joyless trudging through life as though a battle-ready existence is much more preferable to relishing peace-time.

Women do have the ability to influence society for the good. (Instead of embracing oppressive philosophies such as socialism.) But more women who reject feminism need to start becoming involved by sharing their views with their own families, friends, and within their churches. I continue to think of our Blessed Mother when I think of feminism. She was truly feminine, not weak at all but full of God's grace, bestowed upon her through humility. She didn't insist on her own way but instead surrendered to God everything. She trusted Him above all things and was used as His instrument in bringing salvation to the world. There are so many lessons women can learn from her that can enrich our lives.

Hilary Jane has more posts under the category "why I don't like women" but I fully understand her reasoning. Over the past sixty years in the U.S., there has been a systematic attack on the traditional family, in which women played a core role. Once you get a woman confused and dissatisfied, the structure of the family unit is weakened. It is, in my mind, evil -- and straight from the pit of hell. The devil sought to destroy the birth of Jesus and it has been the same ever since. The devil seeks death and destruction. Feminism is his tool.

If you find yourself in agreement, I heartily recommend visiting Orwell's Picnic. Hilary Jane has some very interesting thoughts on the topic.


X said...

I took "women's studies" back in the very early 80's in my high school. Our teacher was about 28 at the time. She is still a radical socialist pro-abort feminist.

I found her online and we exchanged a few emails. She said she doesn't teach much anymore and the schools don't offer "women's studies" anymore but they do offer "social justice." When she wrote THAT the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up! She said that when they teach the "feminist" component of social justice she goes in and does presentations.

I replied that my 25 year old DIL-to-be and her friends do not consider themselves feminists, they just assume they can be anything they want to be and be paid accordingly. In my eyes, the feminist movement succeeded in equal pay for equal work and that women don't have to be "stuck" in the "pink collar ghetto" even though being nurses, secretaries and teachers are all fine and worthy professions!

Well, that was the end of the email exchange. Obviously I received an "F" from her! So much for "choice" - I guess it's only her choice, her tolerance level, her beliefs. Ugh.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Would you mind linking to my new blog?

Monkey K said...

"The devil seeks death and destruction. Feminism is his tool."

What utter tripe. Completely illogical, brainwashed, medievilisim masquerading as a reasoned opinion.

Mary Rose said...

Jackie, I do link to your blog. It's on the right side, under the category, "Catholic Thought Blogs." I'll have to visit more often! There are so many great blogs around. I wish I had more time to read everyone! :-)

Mary Rose said...

Monkey K, it's truth. Feminism has:

1) Destroyed families
2) Killed babies
3) Turned women into angry, insecure harpies who find no joy in the world around them.

I've been at feminist events. There is a hard, brittle edge to those women, as though if they exhibit genuine love and tenderness, they'll be outed as frauds.

I stand by my words. Feminism is the tool of the devil.