Friday, May 22, 2009

Missing Link? Most Likely Still Missing

I give my boss credit for not skipping into my office with the news that scientists "might" have found the missing link to explain evolution of man from animals. Some may think that finally a link has been found, but the true question is - why aren't there more "missing links" around, anyway?

If we truly did evolve from an animal, why isn't there proof? As I've commented a few times when talking about this topic: why indeed, are there still apes? If an ape evolved into a man, why didn't they keep evolving? I believe that the true missing link, is the one between a person's refusal to believe in a Divine Creator and God, Himself. Scientists for centuries have tried to prove our existence apart from God but seem to keep running into this nasty bit of evidence called reality.

Obviously, I'm no scientist. But I am a believer in Christ who has watched over decades now the insistence that everything can or should be explained by science. Aside from all the arguments, I find it amazing that people can remain in a state of denial regarding man's spiritual side when it is so clear that mankind searches for spiritual fulfillment. Just as our bodies need food and water, so our soul needs spiritual nourishment. Without it, we turn inward and become cold, brittle people.

I have the day off today, which is just wonderful. I took the opportunity to prepare for myself a nice, leisurely breakfast and turned on the TV as I ate. Watching TV is very rare for me, but I decided to watch one of the morning shows. They had a portion of their programming where they highlighted "Good Samaritans" who helped others through tough times. The stories were compelling but I noticed something immediately.

Almost every one of them made a reference to God.

Either the person receiving assistance said, "it was God's blessing" or the person giving help said, "God has blessed me and I wanted to pass it along." It made me feel very, very good as I realized that as difficult things have become, we have a large portion of our population who believe in God and believe He has a purpose for their lives.

I know there may be a secular humanist reading this and say, "So what? I can give the same help and often do." If you do, wonderful. Everyone needs a little help now and then. But I still say the need to give help and receive is something built into us by God. I also am baffled by atheists who say it's right to give back to others and yet they refuse to acknowledge the origin of that belief.

If indeed we evolved from animals, how did the concepts of love, forgiveness, and shame come into being? We see loyalty even in animals, but yet why do they act as they do? Somewhere down the line, Someone had to place such awareness and intent into living creatures.

My boss likes to think that this need to believe in a "higher power" is DNA-embedded (if he only knew!) but will be "bred out" of us as mankind continues to evolve. I challenged him by saying, "Well, it hasn't been bred out in 2,000 years" to which he replied, "That's nothing! A drop in the bucket compared to a million years!" Still, neither he nor anyone can deny that Christianity, for all the attempts to destroy it - still lives.

Maybe I should be praying that such people "evolve" toward accepting God and His Son, Jesus Christ.


Curtis said...

I've read that monogamy and small families more or less stop evolution, because if a man, no matter how fit he is, breeds with a single female, there is only so much impact he can have on the overall genetic pool.

If a successful man could have a dozen wives, all producing his offspring, while unsuccessful men did not breed at all, we might see some net effects. King Solomon with his 700 partners is a good example of someone who would have a lasting genetic impact.

Besides, most atheists have small families, so unless their fitness lies in the area of survival and there is some massive catastrophe that unbelievers are better equipped to survive (this seems rather unlikely), I fail to see how we could be evolving towards unbelief.

paramedicgirl said...

I usually tell people who believe in evolution that maybe one day they will become a cow.