Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Need Encouragement to Fulfill Your Dreams? New Blog: Get Happy! #positivethinking

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion for my dear husband, who revamped his blog, Get Happy, and is now posting more regularly.

He wrote an eBook (and I contributed) about happiness and how to distinguish between "happiness" and "success." The two do not automatically go hand-in-hand. Many times, a person will look successful from the world's perspective but yet will be miserable on the inside.

Years ago, I had a very well-paying job. I was earning the highest salary I ever had in my life. However, I was miserable. My boss was often impatient, rushed, and barely had time to spend with me so I could do the job properly. It was a pressure-cooker environment with a constant flow of meetings. I lasted nine months before deciding the paycheck wasn't worth the stress.

I ended up getting a job that was less stress, and yes, less pay. But I was happier. I had enough mental energy to focus on my own projects after work instead of arriving home drained and falling into a quivering heap.

The eBook helps people focus on working within their comfort zone to achieve their goals. Often, people say, "get outside of your comfort zone." My husband had a different take on it. Why not find your comfort zone and expand it?

My part of the book deals with relationships. I was a relationship coach for single women over 40 for three years. One lesson I emphasized constantly was this: Find what you love to do. Do it. And keep your eyes open for those who love to do it, too. Many times a woman would place a personal ad with "Loves music, loves to dance." But did she really love to dance? If that was true, I reasoned, then join a dance club. Take dance lessons. Hang out with dancing groups. There would be a much better chance of finding a single man who also loved to dance within those settings.

So. Check out my husband's blog if you need that shot of encouragement and buy the book for more. Plus, if you do so and said you were recommended by me, I get bragging rights. ;-)

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