Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michael Voris' "The Vortex" on the Traditional Latin Mass #Catholic

I've been watching more of these Real Catholic TV videos online. I like Voris more and more! Here is a Catholic broadcaster who is completely devoted to Catholic teaching and promoting Catholic identity.

Everything he says in this video is so true. I love the Traditional Latin Mass exactly because it isn't "watered down." The liturgy is strong and un-tampered with; and it encourages me greatly that this is the Mass that built our strong saints. When I am participating in the TLM, I feel a powerful connection with my Catholic lineage, the history of those who have gone before me, and a sense of encouragement from our heavenly brothers and sisters in Christ.

My focus is on what Christ has done on the Cross. I still get teary-eyed when our priest lifts up the Holy Eucharist and offers it up, raising his arms toward heaven and repeats the words our blessed Lord said to His disciples on the last night of His freedom on earth. The Last Supper, which Jesus Christ celebrated before entering His Passion, is not "a meal," but a commemorative act, giving thanks to His Father for providing all things, most especially the Perfect Sacrifice to atone for mankind's sin.

These thoughts do not come easily when I'm at a Mass where the priest rushes through the offering or adds different phrases to "embellish" the act. And through all the years that I grew up with the Novus Ordo Mass, I have finally realized what I missed. Now that I'm reclaiming what has rightfully been my birthright as a believer, I will not yield it so easily and I will place my efforts toward promoting the Traditional Latin Mass as often as I can.

My faith has been strengthened by the TLM in ways I never expected. It's my hope that if you as a Catholic have never attended one, that you would at least once. Allow the silence of that profound moment at the altar permeate your soul. Allow yourself to rest and meditate on the work of our Lord. Yes, there are certainly N.O. Masses being offered that have reverence, but you can know that when you attend a TLM, it will always be there.

Praise God for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who has restored this precious rite. It is giving life to so many, including me.


Janny said...

Actually, there's only one statement of yours that I would take issue with...and that's that in a TLM, the reverence "will always be there."

As a cradle Catholic who grew up with the TLM until I turned 13 and the Vatican II activists turned everything on its head, I can speak from the perspective of one who endured WAY too many TLMs that were far from reverent. Far too many priests dashed through the Latin words as if in a footrace to see who could come in with a "low Mass" in under a half-hour. Far too many people said the Rosary during the Mass, seemingly with no connection to knowing what was going on at the altar (and not caring a whole heck of a lot, either). Far too many people, it must be said, made no pretense of even staying awake during early Sunday-morning Masses. Say what you will about a Novus Ordo Mass, but it's at least more noticeable when people sleep through them. :-)

I say all these things as a person who LOVES Latin. Who followed in her treasured missal with the parallel Latin-English text. Who was once asked, during a Mass when she was in college, if she was a nun because her "Latin was so good." I don't for a minute think the TLM should go away. But let's not make of it an idealized, perfected version of worship, either...not when it was done over the ages by imperfect people, many times badly, many times half-heartedly, and many times not done in anywhere near a spirit of awe, reverence, or worship at all.

I suspect much of the reverence and awe we see now in TLMs is, at least partially, due to the sheer novelty of the difference between it and a Novus Ordo Mass. It's unfamiliar; you have to pay attention to know what comes next, you have to spend some brain power figuring things out, and you have to LISTEN. That alone will make for more silence, more apparent reverence, and more attention being paid during the service. And, of course, the inherent silence when everyone is not chattering in response to everything said at the altar is, in fact, beneficial in itself.

But let's not go overboard, either. And let's not kid ourselves that as the TLM gets more and more prevalent in parishes again, that we will not see abuse, carelessness, and sloppiness invade it once again, just as we saw when it was the only Mass in town. It's done by imperfect people; it cannot be "guaranteed" to stay reverent, any more than all of us can be
"guaranteed" to be so every single time we come to church.


kkollwitz said...

Ditto Janny.

Mary Rose said...

Point taken, Janny and Christian. That said, I will admit my bias since what I came out of would make the most "circus-like" liturgies look like a Solemn High Mass.

I understand what you're saying, Janny. I can't speculate on what people are experiencing, though. Someone who is praying the Rosary may be totally aware and in tune with what is going on. I myself prayed the Rosary frequently before and after the Consecration because I wasn't able to receive the Eucharist for a year. Maybe years ago, some said the Rosary throughout the entire Mass but still, I think there would be some type of a connection with the liturgy. At least they were focusing on devotion. :-)

I'm a little more hopeful for the TLM remaining more intentional in the future mainly because we have so many more resources to help the laity understand what's happening. With sites such as Sancta Missa and Catholic Latin Mass.org, more people are able to educate themselves on the rubrics and are being introduced to the spiritual purpose behind the actions.

I understand how some can go overboard. After everything I've experienced in my spiritual life, it's easy to take one's experience and then define it as "the right way" or "only way" for others. I hope to never do that. I respect those who enjoy the Novus Ordo Mass and as I've said before, I've been to some wonderful ones.

I also believe that as crazy as some things may get, we are all there to worship God and you get from it what you invest into it. I've been in some N.O. Masses where the kids are acting up in front of me or teenagers are constantly whispering behind me. I close my eyes and thank God we're all there. I focus on Him as best I can. Ultimately, the important thing is that we are together as a community during that one hour during the week to be reminded of what an awesome God we serve.

I have such a soft spot for reverence because I think deep inside, I'm a contemplative. I love silence. Perhaps I've attached the word "reverence" to the silence that occurs as the priest consecrates the host and it becomes the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know the Latin Mass at a parish in Cincinnati had a priest running so fast through the prayers that I thought his head was on fire! But still, I thought it was reverent.

I am curious, Janny. What differences do you see between a Traditional Latin Mass and a Novus Ordo Mass? From all of the parishes I've visited, there seemed to be missing some sort of awareness (for want of a better word) regarding the mystery of the Mass. I would say that (again, from my limited experience) I have found a common awareness much more consistently present in the TLM. Then again, I just might have an unusual parish.

Here is my deepest desire: that the current interest in the TLM, and the increase of its practice throughout the world would have a ripple effect upon all parishes and within the Novus Ordo. My prayer is that all would be consumed with a passion for our Lord and no matter what Mass they attend, their hearts would run toward Him. I am not thinking that everyone needs to attend a TLM exclusively, but I do believe there is some cross-pollination that could occur that would benefit both the TLM and N.O. folks.

Bill Meyer said...

First, let me say that Michael Voris is someone to be treasured. His determination to speak truth, without a sugar coat, is refreshing.

Second, I was thrilled when Summorum Pontificum was published. However, three years later, nothing has changed in my Archdiocese. There remains only one parish in which the TLM is available, and that is an FSSP parish which appears to be a quarantine zone.

In fact, in these past three years, as I have watched the diocesan bulletin for mention of the motu proprio, I have seen nothing. No mention whatever.

So when I read of bishops in this country and others who have forbidden the TLM, I am no longer surprised. Michael Voris speaks plainly of the enemies within the Church. Let us grimly acknowledge that some of them are bishops.

Larry Denninger said...

Rose - I commend you for supporting Michael Voris. I know him personally, and his off-air persona is no different than what you see in these Vortex episodes.

He also produces a program called The One True Faith thru his production company St Michael's Media. Excellent catechetical material (and he has this really cool sword, too!) Keep Michael and his org's in your prayers - he is a real warrior for the Church.

Janny said...

Actually, Mary Rose, I tried to answer your question about the NO and TLM, etc....had a wonderful long answer written out...and Blogspot dropped it into the ether. I guess I'll just have to reconstruct it...



Mary Rose said...

Larry, I am really liking Michael Voris with each video I see. Every video I've seen from him is just spot-on regarding Catholic identity and the Church. It would be awesome to meet him someday in person. I have a Real Catholic TV image I'll be posting in my sidebar. Will definitely keep Michael and his ministry in my prayers.

Janny, I feel you. Can't tell you how many times I've typed some comment and then Blogspot snatched it away. No use trying to go back a page, because it doesn't save the comment box contents. (A few other sites will do this.) I've grown used to doing the "CTRL A/CTRL C" function to choose the entire contents of the combox and then then copy it (sometimes pasting it on a text document) just so I won't lose it!

I used to do this and at times hit CTRL X, which is "cut" and then I'd lose altogether! For whatever reason, Blogspot won't replace the cut copy. Yep. Lost a LOT of comments that way...boo!

I was just curious about your observations. Sorry the cyber-space monster ate all your words!