Monday, April 18, 2011

Help "The Crescat" Get to the Vatican!

Graphic by Mary Rose - use on your own site if you'd like :-)

I just found out about this today. "Carolina Cannonball" and her blog, The Crescat, have been invited by the Vatican to take part in a special blogger meet-up where they will learn about using this new-fangled stuff called social media for the good of the Church. (I think that's the gist of it...)

There were 750 submissions (!) and only 150 invitations issued. Obviously, the Vatican has touched a chord with wanting to meet Catholic bloggers because boy howdy, did the bloggers want to meet the Vatican! And I say it's about time. I know the Vatican moves slowly with progress (and I actually love that) but yet it is good to see that they want to communicate more with bloggers. That to me is just downright awesome.

So, among the 150 names, I only recognized three and The Crescat was one of them. However, The Cannonball needs a little help getting there. If you could consider donating, she has posted a PayPal button on her blog where you can do so.

All I know is I want lots of pictures, and a few of the Swiss Guard wouldn't hurt, either. :-)


noreen said...

Hi Mary Rose, I couldn't quite read your blog post because of the beautiful Vatican background but I think you stated a friend of yours has been invited to the Vatican to discuss blogging? Wow, how cool is that!

Mary Rose said...

Hi Noreen. Thanks for your comment. Yes, very cool! I'm hoping you can read my blog a little better. I'm going to lighten the background area, if I can. The posts themselves should be on a white background. Let me know if you still have problems reading them. :-)

Kat said...

Way to go for the Vatican! I think they are sensing the growing population of Catholic bloggers out there and wanted to acknowledge their contribution to the Church. I just wish I was one of them. For all the lucky ones, bring us back some holy souvenirs! I'd love to have a rosary blessed by the Vatican. Or maybe just your awesome pictures, that would definitely do!