Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prayer Request

I will be back soon but have been focused on developing my side business website, which I'll share with you in another post. Meanwhile, I'm asking if you could keep in your prayers Stephen Metzel, the brother of a beautiful couple in my parish. My heart goes out to Stephen and his family after he suffered a terrible accident this past Monday, when a pipe exploded and hit him full-force in the face. He'll be undergoing surgery for reconstruction of his skull. His frontal lobe has been affected.

Please pray that no permanent damage would remain and he would be able to recover to be the father and husband he was before. Divine Mercy Sunday is this weekend and I pray that graces would flow to all.

Here is a news article about the accident: Worker Injured at Denison Lab

Thanks much and God bless you for your prayers.

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Mrs. Rudd said...

Hurry back.

Offering prayers for Mr. Metzel and his family (with the help of St. Helena, St. Lydia, St. Martha, St. Lawrence, and St. Stephen... and anyone else I can rope into this.)