Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Open Letter To "Ethel" And Every 17 Year Old Girl Who Thinks Andrew Weiner Is Cool

Dear Intelligent Young Woman,

I'm typing this late on a Saturday night because I can't get to sleep.

I can't get to sleep because I'm thinking of you. I'm thinking of the anonymous junior-high girl who was drawn into this mess with New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner and his slimy ways. I can't get to sleep because I'm thinking of how many young women (and older women), still think Rep. Weiner is "cool."

Newsflash: He is not.

A 46-year-old married man (who married a smart, accomplished woman just last July), who sends lewd photos of himself in his underwear and talks dirty to women he's met over the Internet, and, who deliberately follows high school girls on Twitter - is not a nice guy.

He is not admirable. He is not trustworthy. He is, in fact, the equivalent of pond scum -- and I may have just insulted pond scum.

Feminism has failed you. You may have been taught in high school that women are so "empowered" that they can now dress like tramps if they want but men aren't allowed to make obnoxious remarks about them but I'm here to tell you the truth.

Men will always think obnoxious thoughts about a woman who obviously has no respect for herself and parades her body as a piece of meat. Because that's what wildly immodest clothing will do. It marks you as someone to be used.

Sadly, when women are then treated disrespectfully by men, when they are seen as nothing more than sexual playthings, they act surprised.

It's no surprise. Men are wired to respond to a woman sexually and if a woman makes it easy by talking dirty and dressing provocatively, then it shouldn't be a surprise when scumbags like Anthony Weiner show up on the front page news because a bunch of women thought it was "cool" to act that way.

When I was a young girl in high school, I will never forget my Italian grandmother, who could only speak broken English, giving me her version of the "birds and the bees." I was talking to her while sitting on my bed and she was next to me. Suddenly, she took her hand and very quickly and lightly, patted my legs in the middle. She said, "This? This is for marriage. You no-a give this-a to a boy-a, unless he-a marry you."

I couldn't help but smile and slightly felt embarrassed. But I loved my great-grandmother and assured her I would "keep myself" until I was married. I also felt enormously blessed to have a matriarch in our family who cared about my well-being so much.

Our world needs more women like my great-grandmother.

Young woman, if you're still reading, I have this to add: Even if your father isn't around as much as you'd like, you still deserve a man who will love you and treat you with respect.

As tempting as it is to get attention from men by dressing provocatively or swearing like a sailor -- it will not, I repeat, NOT give you what you truly desire. Which is a man who will love and cherish you.

Men do not love and cherish women who post updates on their Twitter that sounds like they're a p0rn queen. They do not respect a woman who wears clothing that makes them look like a streetwalker. These are time-tested truths that have endured throughout the ages. Feminism has not, can not, and will not change this truth. Believe me. I've seen how feminism has tried to make a woman "equal" in the bedroom.

It doesn't work.

I've seen women try to "date like a man," meaning they sleep with whomever they want, as much as they want. But they quickly find there's a little problem with that approach.

No matter how casual a woman may view sex, a man will always think even less of it when he's with a woman who doesn't care. So that means a woman will sleep with some strange guy but if she tries to do it again, chances are the guy won't want anything to do with her. Again, I've seen it happen.

And the "enlightened and empowered" women are in total befuddlement as to why, even though they're offering themselves to a man "with no strings attached," that still, he won't call her back.

You are worth more.

But in order to find a man who will love and cherish you, you need to first respect yourself and start saying "no."

No to looking cheap. No to loud, obnoxious talk. No to swearing. No to putting overtly-sexual updates on Twitter and Facebook. No. No. No.

Will you be popular? Decidedly not. Will you be respected? Absolutely.

Think feminism has backbone? It's a lie.

A woman with backbone will tell a man like Anthony Weiner to get away from them and go trolling under a bridge. A woman with backbone will instantly delete any man who sends lewd photos of himself to her on Twitter or Facebook.

A woman with backbone will stand strong in the face of mockery and derision from the (idiotic) "cool" people because she values herself and knows she was created for a truly special relationship with a man that doesn't involve being a part of his personal brothel.

I'll close with another story. When I was 27, I worked with a married man who flirted with me constantly. He also was amazed that I wasn't partying hard like most women my age and sleeping around. One day, he sputtered, "What do you think, that it's made of gold?!!" (Referring to my sexual organ.)

I shot back, "As a matter of fact, it is."

I didn't get married until I was 39 but I will tell you this. God gave me a man who totally adores me. He will do anything for me. He would give up his life for me. And I totally adore him right back.

That, my dear young woman, is the kind of love you were built for.

Don't settle for anything less.

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