Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Still Life From Long Ago

Hilary Jane at Orwell's Picnic reminded me of my own artistic creations, long ago. This was a still life I did in 1992 when I took some art classes from a wonderfully eccentric older single woman who lived in a mansion. (Her living quarters were on the ground floor and she rented rooms on the second floor. Her class studio was on the second floor.)

She would take various objects and throw them together on a table, with a white sheet draped behind it and that would be my "lesson." She was great in urging me to be stronger with my pencil, instead of lightly sketching everything. The dark shadows are the result.


Adrienne said...

OMGosh, Mary Rose - that's very good. I am beyond impressed! You should keep up with your art.

I'm getting ready to get back into oil painting now that I've discovered water risible oil paint.

BTW - I finally saw the message you sent me eons ago on Facebook. I never update Facebook anymore and only happened to look at my messages by accident. So - no insult intended - I still love you!!!

Mary Rose said...

Adrienne, thank you! Hillary Jane has made me think that maybe I should get back to it. I also have been playing around with the idea of creating art that celebrates our country. Goodness knows we shouldn't allow the Left to totally own the arts. ;-)

It's so funny you mentioned Facebook. I'm hardly on there, either! I pop in to let folks know I'm still alive and thinking about them. Thanks so much for still visiting my dusty little blog. :-)

kkollwitz said...

That's civilized.