Friday, November 18, 2011

Prayer Request (Edited) Good news!

This will be quick. In a few minutes, we'll be going to the hospital where my husband will be having his colonoscopy. It's been almost one year since last year's cancer scare. His tumor was removed and no other cancer cells were found in his body. By God's grace, we pray that today he'll receive a clean bill of health.

We're both a bit nervous, so prayers for him, first and then for me. :-) I know God has everything under control. I ask that we both would be given God's grace to accept whatever is His will. Thank you so much and God bless you for your prayers.

Edited to add: Great news! They found just one little polyp and removed it. The doctor said he didn't need to see Mickey for another colonoscopy for 3 years. This is such wonderful news! Mickey was very concerned, as you might imagine, and of course, so was I. I am deeply thankful for your prayers. I felt the peace of God in the waiting area and knew I felt answered prayer. God bless you guys!


Shirley said...

Will do!

Adrienne said...

As always - prayers.

P.S. The cyber rays I'm receiving tell me everything is going to be A-ok!

Anonymous said...

Prayers offered! Keep us posted!

Shirley said...

Prayed for you and your husband during Adoration.

Adrienne said...

Cyber rays are very, very powerful ;-)