Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm on Twitter as CathPrdDaughter

Okay, you can all just slap me upside the head right now. I know I'm wacko for doing it, but I did. I created another Twitter account, this time for my Catholic-ness.

I'm on Plurk and do enjoy it, but I've been noticing some wonderful Catholics on Twitter that I'd like to interact with; but it didn't seem appropriate for my "work account" at Twitter. So I created a new Twitter account just so I can keep up with interesting Catholic folk with a few conservative Twitters thrown in. (#TCOT for those who 'tweet.' It stands for "Top Conservatives on Twitter.") Use that hashtag on Twitter's search engine and you'll see a bunch of stuff.

So. If you're on Twitter, follow me and I'll follow you back. I'm at:


Adrienne said...

OK - don't be frightened when those folks in white coats come to your door. They'll be coming to help you, not hurt you. Please let them in and follow all their suggestions. In no time at all you will be feeling much more like your old self. Promise!

owenswain said...

I struggle with the idea of having two identities. Shouldn't I be known for who I am period? If one detracts from the other perhaps that's a part of the price I have to pay. I am not judging I am asking?

Beyond that, I still haven't entered the world of Twits and I canceled Plork. It's enough to blog right now. I'll add your second identity for the record. Peace.

Mary Rose said...

Ha, you two crack me up! I know, it is a bit crazy but I couldn't help myself.

Owen, here's an answer:

When I first started on Twitter, it was because my boss was on it and he wanted me, as his marketing person, to test it out and see if it would have any value for us in communicating our products and services. So, I did, but was very skeptical about any value it would have.

Well, I was surprised when I did start to connect with people I otherwise wouldn't have connected with and found out information that might have taken me longer to find. I've learned from some smart marketing people and have been introduced to some important folks in the tech industry in our city. So, I can now see that it does have value.

However, in the course of "tweeting," I followed a few Catholics. I then felt a conflict of sorts, because as much as I wanted to "tweet" something Catholic in the middle of my day, I didn't feel right since technically I'm at work and supposed to be work-focused.

So...that's why I finally decided to create a Twitter account for connecting with Catholics. Of course I followed Fr. Z, but there is that wonderful Fr. Broderick and Greg Willits (of The Rosary Army) and others I'm starting to discover. I like seeing their tweets. Also, I discovered a wonderful new blogger, Doug (The Heresy of Progress) that again - may have discovered in another way but was fun to discover him on Twitter.

I totally understand the authenticity issue. I'm much like that myself. I like to own my thoughts and opinions but since the whole Twitter thing started as a work deal, I felt I had to keep the account more work-related. Now, when the day comes that I leave, I'll have to decide what to do. (If I'm still on Twitter or Twitter still exists!) But I don't have to think about it at the moment. :-)