Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday! Good News from California - Praying in the Name of Jesus

I caught this story as I was scanning the Catholic news and thought, "Bravo, California!" It's not too often we have good news from them, but this piece is pretty awesome.

LODI, Calif., Oct. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Lodi City Council voted 5-0 last night to allow pastors to speak the previously forbidden words "in Jesus name" at the end of public prayers.

The victory vote came after months of lobbying, petitioning, protesting, and pro-Jesus rallies, both in Lodi and nationwide, organized by The Pray In Jesus Name Project.

An atheist group from Wisconsin has threatened a lawsuit if the city allows Jesus prayers, but the Mayor and four other councilors found their back-bone, and handed the atheists a resounding defeat.

Victory for Jesus Prayers - Lodi, CA Votes 5-0 To Defeat Atheist Complainers

Good for the Mayor and those councilors! I liked what Chaplain Klingenschmitt said. "Don't cave-in to empty threats of lawsuits by atheist complainers. Christian voters will rally to support you, and Jesus is not an illegal word!"

Some of you may remember what happened to Chaplain Klingenschmitt when he was a Navy chaplain. He was fired in 2005 from the Navy for refusing to omit Jesus' name in prayers. I remember reading this story and being stunned. It was like firing a plumber for using a wrench on the job. Prayer is certainly part of a chaplain's duty and I couldn't believe anyone - let alone our military - would prevent him from performing his duty. But it happened.

This decision must be especially heartening to him after all the grief he endured four years ago. And it is always heartening to me to see atheists served a big "so there." Their whining wore thin on me in a nanosecond. Can't they find something better to do with their time? Evidently not.

However, this time, score one for the Christians!


X said...

I don't get it...if you pray why wouldn't you use His name? I mean - that is the point! Good on the Council for pushing on!

Same sort of thing happened at my step-daughters non-church wedding. They wanted a "blessing" before dinner and would I say it...but take out that part about Jesus. I said no. Someone else did it.

Pablo the Mexican said...

You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

People need to stop pretending America is a Christian Nation.

It was founded by followers of Satan (Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Satan believes in God, he refuses to serve Christ. Nonserviam, the first words ever spoken.

The George Washington Masonic Museum and Monument in Washington, D.C. are tributes to America's consecration to Satan.

Freemasons and heretics, that is the foundation of America.

The Holy Mother appeared in Mexico City, not Washington.

Pray for America.