Monday, August 25, 2008

The Real Purpose of Womenpriests?

Most traditional Catholics are aware of the bogus group, "Womenpriests" who continue to insist upon fake ordinations in order to validate their own pursuit of power. I've expressed my opinion in older entries; but now realize there may be something more dangerous underneath their pathetic ceremonies and defiant declarations that Rome is behind the times.

From the Wall Street Journal came this:

The Womenpriests come from a dissenting feminist tradition in the Catholic Church -- one in which a leading religious sister has even declared the Eucharist "defective and inadequate" for women. (!!!!)This tradition argues for renewing the church with a model "not geared to a hierarchy but inclusivity," as Ms. Meehan explains it. But those who are faithful to Rome argue that it is precisely the focus on the Eucharist -- and Christ's identity -- that necessitates an all-male priesthood. In 1994, Pope John Paul II declared that "the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women."

"The Problem With Liberation Ordination" by Kathryn Jean Lopez

So now we get to the heart of it.

The Catholic church service is called the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for good reason. The Passion of Christ is remembered with the priest standing as both a High Priest offering the sacrifice and an icon of Christ, re-enacting the most momentous event in the history of mankind - when God accepted the sacrifice of His Son to atone for the sin of the world.

When Catholics think of this - really think of it, the only correct response is awe, humility, repentance, and deep gratitude. Jesus Christ told His disciples that whenever they took the bread and wine, they were consuming His Body and Blood. It is a deeply sacred and mystical moment, one that will affect everyone who gives serious consideration to what is transpiring during the Mass.

The Mass is what holds Roman Catholics together throughout the world. If Catholics had to go underground because of persecution (and many already have done this or are doing it...), the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass would hold true and continue to bind them together.

What better way to destroy the Roman Catholic Church than try to minimize the importance of the Eucharist? It's evil, plain and simple, and any woman or man who denies the Real Presence ought to be lovingly corrected and if they still resist, removed from fellowship according to Matthew 18:15-17.

The Womenpriests are dangerously conniving and try to hide their manipulation behind an argument of fairness. If they were to succeed in destroying the sacredness of the Eucharist, what do you suppose would happen? Nature, as it's said, abhors a void. The Eucharist would need to be replaced with something - and that something is elevating man as god. Remove Jesus Christ and you remove the need of man for a Savior.

Because Womenpriests know that the obstacle toward their goal is the Eucharist, they will begin to try to celebrate Mass with the intent upon relegating the Real Presence into simply a snack. It will hold no meaning, just a watered-down reminder that Jesus was the Son of God. But it won't stop there. They'll begin to say Jesus was a "good teacher" among many teachers. It will open the door for more "inclusivity" of other religions. There will be intra-religious services celebrated, all in the name of "acceptance" and "tolerance."

Meanwhile, the Real Presence will be gone, thought of as nothing more than an outdated belief that has no purpose for these "progressive" women. I ask you, "progressives," what are you progressing toward? It would seem a destination I'm trying to avoid, and I know I'm not the only one.

These exercises of grand presumption are accomplishing nothing more than exposing them for what they are - caught up with the folly of the world while denying that God has a purpose, a plan, and a hierarchy for a reason.

It is to their eternal detriment that they continue to "kick against the goads." We need to continue to pray that the scales of blindness fall from their eyes.


Shirley said...

They already do not have the Real Presence;therefore they are on the same level as all the Protestants; they are NOT Catholic! And I'm suree their hairdos hide their horns.

Timothy said...

Good post. I have long argued that the RCWP heretics are seeking more than ordination. In the few years since their schism, many of their members have committed liturgical abuses involving rice cakes and attempted confection of the blood using glass pitchers.

Even if the church should discover some basis of authority for ordaining women, they are expected to maintain the same liturgical standards of the Church. The RCWP "bishops" seem incapable of sheparding their "priests" regarding the Roman Missal.

God bless...


Mary Rose said...

Shirley, I agree. They've already made it clear they don't think much of liturgical standards and tradition. I got a kick out of your hairdo comment! It's tragic these women cannot rest in God and trust in His ways.

Timothy, rice cakes, eh? Sheesh. I wonder if that was one of their attempts to have "inclusivity." I'll have to search your blog for any entries you've made regarding the RCWP group.

Part of me is hoping this is a temporary phenomenon that will fade away within the next decade or so. It would seem many of the younger Catholics either don't care about this issue or are traditional in their beliefs. One can only hope.

Great to see you again, Timothy. :-)