Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally! My "Long Story" Is FINISHED!

Well, at least for this blog, it's finished. I can't believe how long it took me to do it! I meant to simply give a more detailed answer to the question, "So, how did you end up back at a Catholic church?" Well, I should have known better. My Italian verbosity wasn't going to be curtailed by a silly thing called a blog post. Oh, no. I had to write almost a novel as an answer.

So, click on the link at the left and you can read the entire thing if you have a half-hour to kill. Or, take it section-by-section. When I copied the text and pasted it on a document, it ended up being about 27 pages, single-spaced. I intend to write a book about my return with the specific purpose of attracting Catholics who are now in non-denominational churches. My story will start it off, with a combination of "What I Love About Catholicism" blog entries mixed in. I will most like self-publish it when I'm done and will definitely announce it happily when the whole enchilada is complete. (Think of a confetti-strewn parade around my home...)

Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement and feedback. It means more to me than you'll ever know. Hopefully I'll create something worth sharing, something my mom would be proud of, and most importantly, something God will use to glorify His name. Amen and Amen. :-)


X said...

It took me 3 years and a million rewrites and edits to do mine LOL!
There are sites you can post this on like Steve Ray's. Talk to Laura Lowder about it.

And thank you for sharing the journey with us!

L. said...

I read your journey back to Catholicism and enjoyed it very much. I emailed you last month but you did not respond.....I kept looking for your take on what I'm currently going through. I guess you were too busy to respond but again, great story and good luck with the book.

Mary Rose said...

Angela, I loved your story! And I'm talking to Laura about it, yes. :-)

Laura, I am so sorry! And boy, are you right. I have way too many things going on and at times, I do miss things. I'm going to go through the emails from last month and hopefully will find it. My email box gets slammed with spam, so there's a good chance it did get overlooked. If you'd like to resend, I'll keep my eyes open for it. Thanks so much for your kind words. :-)

L. said...

Mary Rose,

Thanks so much for responding and I am going to re-send my email to you this morning. God bless!