Monday, January 12, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today: Monday, January 12, 2008

Outside My Window... feeling the cold and was surprised to see SNOW! I thought we escaped it, but I think not. It doesn't look like much is on the ground, which is good for those of us having to drive in the stuff.

I am thinking... of how proud I am of my husband for starting Ukulele Player Magazine (see post below). I know how much he loves this instrument, plus just loves people, period. The magazine gives him the vehicle to explore both. "Good on him" as our Down Under friends would say!

I am thankful for... a warm home, clothes on my back, food to eat. The simple things that aren't so simple when people are losing jobs. Please provide Lord, for all those who have recently lost their jobs.

From the kitchen... last night was roast chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. Probably leftovers tonight but with steamed veggies instead of the potatoes and salad.

I am wearing... my pink cotton long nightshirt and emerald green bathrobe with slippers.

I am creating... demo scrapbook pages with a new program Serif sent me. I'll be reviewing it on my OTHER blog (yes, I'm insane), ScrapShot Magazine. I'd like to mention this program in my next class but need to figure it out first! (The blog is still being developed, so if you're interested, stay tuned. More on the way!)

I am going... to have a very busy week. Off to work, soon. Tomorrow I'm starting my swimming program again. Unfortunately, I lost two weeks of my membership because I was sick. (swimming with a cold just wasn't appealing...) But it's okay. I'm going to get back in the saddle again! I also will be working on finishing "My Story" on this blog and reviewing the scrapbooking product from Serif.

I am reading... too many books! Eclipse by Stephanie Meyers, God is No Delusion by Thomas Crean, O.P., Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin.

I am hoping... I can feel focused this week. I have so much spinning around my mind!

I am hearing... the rush of the heat coming on. Silence, otherwise.

Around the house... are boxes from Mickey's latest venture with a ukulele maker.

One of my favorite things... listening to my sweet husband play the ukulele. :-)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Swimming, reading, working on the website for work and various projects.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Yes, I got an iPhone! I am thrilled that I can finally afford one and have been waiting for the right choice for awhile, now. I've not had a cell phone in seven years. After I married, I decided I didn't really need one and no longer lived in a rural location. However, this past summer, my car broke down in of all places, downtown Columbus. Believe it or not, I could not find a pay phone! Even a hotel told me they had just had all their pay phones removed three weeks ago. The maintenance man was nice enough to let me use his cell phone, but it was a huge wake-up call to me. No longer could I count on a pay phone in an emergency.

The 8GB iPhone originally cost $599. Then they dropped it to $399. Then it went to $199. Just a few weeks ago, I discovered AT&T was selling refurbished iPhones online for the amazing price of $99! So, yes, I waited but the wait was certainly worth it. The refurbished model looks brand new to me, no scratches or anything to distinguish it as a refurb. I'm just happy to finally have a phone and the ability to make it my main electronic gadget. (With a calendar, contact list, internet connectivity, etc.) Share with me your favorite apps. I am not into games, but any productivity tool, especially, would be great! (And of course, I'm eyeing iBreviary, which has the Mass readings daily. That's an awesome app!)


Kimberly said...

Ukulele player? Is there anything he doesn't do?!

The two of you are very, very busy!

Sweet phone, by the way!

Elisabeth said...

Fr Z posted today about the iBreviary...

Mary Rose said...

Yes, we are busy! I was just thinking of what I need to unload so my head doesn't explode! (and I do love my new phone!)

Laura, thank you! Will check it out!

X said...

My son has one of these and when I visited him I used it every chance I could get. I really love that it has GPS capabilities. Oh - and you can update Facebook on it LOL!

eulogos said...

But you have to have AT&T service for it and I am stuck with Verizon. I have 5 people on my service and their contracts all run out at different times and whenever they get a new phone their contract renews.... So I can't get an I-phone. Maybe Verizon will eventually come up with a knockoff. Maybe at some point I will say to my adult children, hey you have all graduated from college and have jobs...maybe it is time you paid for your own cellphone service?
Susan Peterson