Friday, June 5, 2009

Congratulations, Dad & Janie!

Well, today is a special day. My father has remarried a lovely Catholic woman and most likely they're both trying to keep dry in the humidity of Southern Florida. Both are a widower and widow respectively and found love through There are many changes ahead for both of them, but it is proof that one is never too old for love. My father is 72 years old.

May God grant both of you many days filled with loving Him first, and each other second. Congratulations!


Joe Strain said...

Take a breath, close your eyses , and smile knowing LOVE lives!!!

Praise GOD

X said...

I'm confused MR - he remarried her?

In any case - congratulations to all of you!

Mary Rose said...

Sorry, Angela. He married a widow. This would technically be his second marriage, so I used "remarried" although can see how it would possibly sound confusing. I think you're right. I should have used "married." :-)