Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Ning Site: The Catholic Priest Appreciation Network

Well, today is the kick-off for "The Year for Priests" as ordained by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. How exciting!

I've had many thoughts about what I'd like to do for this upcoming year to honor priests. I decided to do something rather unplanned, and I'm releasing it pronto. It will be a community devoted to celebrating this very special year. I would like to build a community of Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium and interested in encouraging priests around the world.

Last Sunday, a Vietnamese priest spoke about missions. This young Vietnamese priest had gone through much suffering and sacrifice in his country, but still, managed to hear the call of God upon his life. He spoke broken English, but yet was so filled with awe that God was using him to complete His purposes on earth. It was simply wonderful and humbling to witness.

I'd like for people to share stories about how priests affected their life in a positive way. I am hoping these stories will encourage priests that yes, they are making a difference. And in the midst of criticism, mockery, ingratiation, attempts to blur the line between the laity and the priesthood - may God give strength and comfort to our priests, for we do indeed need them. The life of a priest is very demanding and he has sacrificed much in order to serve God. This is my very small way of thanking them.

If you want to be a member of this community, you must send me an email address so I can invite you. It is a private community because I have no intention of seeing "trolls" come in and badmouth our priests. I'll moderate slightly, but will be looking for others to eventually do so. I'm hoping all can be respectful and that we will all rejoice in finding like-minded and "like-hearted" Catholics who love their priests.

My email is on the side. Sorry for not having a direct link but I'm trying to avoid getting nailed by the spam-bots. Thanks!

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