Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alright, Fr. Leo! You 'Seared' the Iron Chef Competition!

No, I haven't been hiding in a cave, although the thought is tempting. Thanks to everyone who sent in a mountain of email asking if I was still alive. (kidding) But you know your blog is neglected when your own father asks, "So, anything I should read on your blog?" Sniff. I lost the interest of me own papa!

Well, he is still a newlywed, so I'm sure he has more interesting pursuits now than checking up on his daughter's blog...

So, of course it's been a busy week and I'm trying to catch up on emails, etc. I'm also creating a Shutterfly book for a friend, which hopefully, after it's done, will be something she will cherish.

Do you know about Fr. Leo? He's a very fun and totally engaging priest who has his own food show, "Grace Before Meals." I love watching him cook and the lucky folks who happen to be nearby to taste his yummy creations. I didn't realize how serious he was about cooking until I read this article. Yep. Fr. Leo went against Iron Chef Bobby Flay - and won! Holy Fajita!!

The writer of the article caught some funny lines, such as:

Father Patalinghug pulled out his rosary during the judging. “Do you want one?” he asked Flay.

“What number are you on?” Flay replied.

“I lost count,” the priest admitted.

Fun times. It's good to hear about a priest bringing joy to others through cooking. Go, Fr. Leo!

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