Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Fantastic Resource for Catholic Home-Schooling Moms!

I just visited my friend Kimberly's blog and found that she put together a completely AMAZING Traditional Catholic Planner! This thing just blew my mind! Although I'm not home-schooling, I'll be downloading it myself so I can track the liturgical events of the year and plan accordingly.

Here is Kimberly's site: Catholic Family Vignettes and her first post about her planner, then her second. If you look to the right column on her blog, you'll see a link to Scribd, where she is hosting her pages.

Leave her some love on one of her blog posts and keep her in prayer. She's a mother of nine children and six of them are still home. All are being home-schooled by this very loving, very devout and amazing Catholic mama. She and her family are a treasure for our local parish and she shows her beautiful generosity by offering this planner for free. Thank you, Kimberly!

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Anonymous said...

Woman!! You are too, too sweet...and the love is coming right back atcha!

Thanks for the link and your lovely words...