Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why are Liberals/Leftists So Unhappy?

This is one of my political rants. Or perhaps not so much a rant, but an ongoing fascination I have with the human psyche. I've heard some call those who are radically liberal, a pathology. However, I have a question: If pathology is the deviation from the normal - then would this endless quest for control instead be normal if a person is living apart from God? Would Original Sin be unfortunately, considered "normal" until one submits to God through accepting His Son Jesus Christ and the sacrificial death of His Son which redeemed mankind?

Earlier this year, I attended a workshop held on the OSU campus. In fact, it was held within their college of Law. The presentations made by a panel of speakers focused on copyright law and "fair use." But what struck me about that workshop was this: it was by far the coldest, most unfriendly group of people I had ever been around.

The participants were between mid-twenties to mid-fifties. They were quiet and listened politely, but it was just weird overall. During a break, there was no animated chatter about what had been shared, no smiles, no joy whatsoever. The same could be said of most of the panel. When one of the panelists kind of chuckled, it almost seemed as though she broke an unwritten rule. Everyone took themselves so seriously.

Now I've been around enough liberals to know their traits and this is one of them: Life is serious! You can't joke about things! And God help you if you share an un-politically-correct viewpoint! I almost half-expect a liberal's iPod to be filled with music along the lines of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

One of my favorite musings is why this is so. Why are liberals/leftists so unhappy? (Note: when I refer to liberals/radical leftists; I am speaking of those who are tipped so far left that their brains have fallen out. I know there are many liberals who are Christian, and would not necessarily fall into this category. But for the sake of this post, I'm focusing on those who are leftists.) Especially here in our great country, the U.S.A., those who are liberal have their choice for our President. They have a Democrat Congress and Senate. It would seem all sunshine and lollipops for them but alas, it is not to be. They still are unhappy for a variety of reasons, most of them because whatever ground they have gained politically - it's not enough.

There is an entertaining article on "The American Thinker," What's In a Leftist's Name? by James Lewis. He writes, "David Horowitz, who's been there and studied the Left all his life, says the Left is always chasing personal meaning, without the traditional option of choosing religion." Bingo. Hand that man a cigar.

It's obvious to me that the crabby, joyless radical leftists - have rejected God. Or at least rejected the Judeo-Christian God who has created us yet requires of us obedience and submission because this is His loving plan for our lives. There is joy when one exchanges a selfish, fearful will for the freedom God offers. Indeed, it is salvation on many levels. Not only have I been saved from eternal damnation, but I've been saved from the relentless pursuit of satisfaction on my own terms - which ironically, never satisfies.

What is even more concerning to me is how this ideology has infiltrated the leadership of the Catholic Church, specifically, within women's religious. This is why I continue to post articles and news about the state of women's religious in America. It gives me hope. It gives me great hope when I see younger people reject the liberal agenda because I know ultimately, it only leads to disillusionment and death. If you're a liberal reading this and thinking I'm making too much of it, examine the evidence. Who promotes abortion? Who promotes the eradication of the traditional family? Who pushes for greater government control, over-riding the authority of families and places of worship? And what is the result of this? Broken families result in broken societies.

When you have a "Sister Rainbow" who encourages enneagrams, drum circles, and an overemphasis on social activism; something is amiss. There is less focus on God's Scripture, the Sacraments, interior prayer, and so much more. As a result, a dryness occurs. Yes, those orders are growing older and not attracting new vocations precisely because they are dead in the Spirit. Younger people have a more accurate spiritual eye than they suspect and understandably will give a pass on such a "community." Jesus said we would know a tree by the fruit it bears. A better image could not be found to describe what is going on with women's religious, than this. A healthy tree bears good fruit. People are attracted to a tree full of ripened fruit, its aroma and plump goodness pleasing to the eye. But a tree that does not have life in it will remain barren, attracting no one except the wise gardener who will take an axe to it.

This morning, on the way to work, I pondered why a radical leftist wants to "change" things or, in my opinion, control things. The following image came to my mind: an unhappy woman. When a woman is unhappy, she has two choices. Either she faces her unhappiness and deals with it or she finds a way to distract herself by several ways - either by focusing on someone else's faults, trying to control someone else, or making sure no one else around her is happy.

I think that describes the radical leftists fairly well.


Janny said...

I think another reason that so many leftist/liberals are so unhappy/serious/nasty is that, when we do it right, those of us who are happy Christians don't particularly get BOTHERED by their tantrums. We live a lifestyle they've been told, or have come to believe, is repressed, restricted, cramped, bigoted, narrow, and all the rest...and yet we're happy. How can that be POSSIBLE??? :-) Why don't we see how WRONG we are??? Why doesn't it BOTHER us when they call us names?

The answer--that we are accountable to a higher authority, and that THEIR opinion of us isn't it--is what makes them so angry. In their world, where feelings are supreme and insults are "supposed" to bother people and make them change their ways, our refusals to do so--especially when done with humility, patience, and even a smile--are, to that side of the fence, a slap in the face...yet we haven't lifted a finger to hurt them, and in fact, we try to love them despite our disagreements.

That's enough to make ANYBODY mad. :-)

Maggie said...

A lot of it might be disillusionment and overly rosy expectations. Many liberals expected that Obama plus majorities in both House & Senate would usher in a warm, fuzzy liberal utopia.

It's not happening, and they're pissed- because whatever happened to all that hope and change?