Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Thankful For... #tcot #sgp #Catholic

If you're wondering what's up with the hashtags above, I'll explain. When I post a new blog entry, I have it automatically posted to Twitter through TwitterFeed but I forgot to add the hashtags and haven't gotten around to editing my feed line. So, yes, I'm being a bit lazy but intend on fixing it soon. (really!)

But it's also a good way for me to express my thanks for each one of those hashtags.

#tcot is Top Conservatives On Twitter. Now I don't view myself as a "top conservative." The hashtag was started by someone else as a way to help group the "tweets" of conservatives so we could stay informed about conservative issues. I love that hashtag and especially get a kick out of all the liberals who had to admit that conservatives out-tweeted them on Twitter. And if you believe some reports that blogging has taken a backseat to "tweeting," that development is especially delicious.

I've learned so much while on Twitter and following the #tcot hashtag. Most of all, I learned I wasn't alone in my frustration. I learned there are many, many other people who are just as frustrated and they're doing something about it other than tweeting. They're getting together. They're marching. They're protesting. It was because of Twitter that I realized we could make a difference and we are.

It took me a little time to figure out what #sgp meant. It stands for "Smart Girl Politics." And what a bunch they are! The site was started by Teri one year ago and already has almost 13,000 members. Hot diggity! If that's not enough to excite you, think about their first convention that featured guest speakers such as Michelle Malkin! If I hook up with some SGPers here in Columbus, I just may attend the "Smart Girl's Summit" to be held in Washington, DC in September 2010. I think it's very exciting because we are witnessing "regular Americans" getting mobilized. Although I've been saddened by the ignorance and arrogance of some of our politicians, we can actually thank them for reminding us of our awesome Republic - and, who works for whom. A battle is looming that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and the Smart Girls (and Smart Guys) are going to be in the thick of it.

Finally, last and certainly not least, is the #Catholic hashtag - which really is self-explanatory. Whenever I've used that hashtag, I've always been followed by some great Catholics on Twitter. It's also helped me find some good folks to follow, too. I have felt a beautiful kinship with my fellow Catholics on Twitter as I've talked about Mass or seen others mention important Catholic issues in the news. And any "trad" Twitter stream would be incomplete without following our beloved Fr. Zuhlsdorf!

It's all in fun, and also encouragement and education. This year has been another wonderful year with many new appreciative revelations regarding Catholicism. My newest: I did not realize that the high altar represented Jesus Christ. Something clicked in me when I read about it because it explained why I really disliked the concept of an altar being a "supper table." Something didn't seem right about that view. In fact, the altar is something I'll be writing about a little more but will say this: altars are for sacrificing. In Mosaic Law, the altar was where the animal was sacrificed by the high priest. It wasn't this "touchy-feely" spot where they enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of bread with jam. Something very profound and significant happened when they were at the altar, with the animal that was slain. It was a very vivid reminder that God required the loss of something in order to gain something better.

Anyway... lots of good stuff and I know the Lord has more on the way! God bless you this Thanksgiving and I pray all of us will be with family and friends, giving thanks for the true blessings our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us. Deo Gratias!

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