Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let Us Be Thankful For...

Let us rejoice that we are still free to speak and work and act to undo the harmful policies that have been imposed upon us.

Let us honor our forefathers for having the courage, the vision, and the values to take on the mightiest military power on earth and win an astounding, world-changing victory for freedom. The founders faced far worse odds than what we face today, and they suffered hardships that we can barely imagine to secure for us the blessings of liberty.

Let us be thankful for the countless profit-seeking businessmen, famous and obscure, who took advantage of our free-enterprise system to enrich the lives of generations of Americans.

Let us be thankful for those we love, and for the innumerable acts of kindness done every day by people of all religious (including nonreligious) beliefs.

Let us be grateful for the enormous progress we have made at curtailing the curse of racism from this republic, and for a level of prosperity that even now is far beyond what was dreamt of just a few short generations ago.

Mostly, let us be grateful to God on high and remember what those who have consecrated their lives to Him have accomplished.

From Catholic Exchange, "Let Us Give Thanks"

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