Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To Men Who Are Anti-Military #tcot #sgp #marine #army #airforce #navy

(Note: This post is pretty snarky, more firewater than soothing honey...)

This is a response to "Mark," who brazenly entered the lion's den over at "The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen" and defecated in the combox. Vir Speluncae Catholicus posted an entry over the low attendance for the TLM at Camp Lejeune. I certainly understand how the TLM is strong meat and some are immediately put off by what it demands of us. I left a comment saying as much.

But within the twentyplus comments came this gem from an anonymous poster, "Mark," who explained why the numbers were dwindling:
Maybe it's because they are required to check their brains at the door as they enter the Marines, or for that matter, any branch of the U.S. military.

Well, dem's fightin' words for a woman who has a stepson in the Army, and a host of family members who fought in WWII, The Korean War, and Operation Freedom. (And yes, an uncle who was a Marine.) I can't tell you how my blood boiled as I thought about punks like "Mark" who felt anonymously free to trash the military as though they had absolutely nothing to do with his life. Forget the fact that our country hasn't suffered a major terrorist attack in eight years (finally succumbing to a dirtbag terrorist at Ft. Hood because of PC-poison). Our military are fighting the enemy over there so they don't come over here - but hey, "Mark" knows better.

Mark is a classic example of a man who has been emasculated. Shrouded in a cloak of anonymity, the "Marks" of the Internet can freely roam and take potshots at the real men of the world. In my comment on the LCC blog, I remarked that it was because of men like Mark that the Virginia Tech shooter was able to prolong his rampage. When one guy (yes, one guy who is armed), lines up a bunch of people - and there are men in that line-up - and not ONE of those men says, "What the hell are we doing? Let's rush this *ssh*le and bring him down!" well then, Houston, we have a problem.

The sad fact is that for quite some time, men who serve our country, (and our states and cities within the fire department and law enforcement) are what I call "real men." Someone like Mark would love to simply dismiss them as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, but to me that just sounds like sour grapes. Something happened to these "Marks" in our country and I place most of the blame on our public school system. For many years, our young boys were punished for being boys. They were corrected for acting upon their God-given maleness, and sadly - brainwashed into thinking that there is never a moral case for war. I also blame feminism, which has ruined our men, women, children, and our country.

We live in a dangerous world. We're seeing this reality each day in the headlines. We're also seeing more death as politically-correct thinking tightens its noose upon our society. I would bet money (if I was a gambler) that Mark is a big believer in multi-culturalism, diversity training, social justice, egalitarianism, and either an atheist or agnostic. When your mind is full of lies, it's tough to recognize truth when it smacks you upside the head.

And the truth is this, Mark: there is a place in our world for nobility, bravery, honor, integrity, sacrifice, perseverance, and most definitely - victory. I don't know what happened to take the fight out of you but someday, you may be looking up at the wrong end of a sword.

And at that moment, you just may wish that someone who took an oath to serve and protect this country, was by your side.

My full comment to Mark is below:

Now, if I may, I'd like a word with Mark, if the coward is still reading.

Mark, it seems you feel quite comfortable criticizing our military. This reveals something. Basically, a huge sense of inadequacy. I'm not sure if your mother stopped breast-feeding you before you were ready, but let me be clear: the military has kept this country safe. Perhaps you tried to enter the military but didn't have what it took to be a Marine. Who knows.

Your responses made me think of this: The wussified men at Virginia Tech who wouldn't know what a "bum rush" was if it sat on their face. You are the product of an overly feminized culture with no backbone because its been throttled out of you. There's no need to slam men who still have one.

Since you are obviously a beta man, I invite you to visit my blog some time and bring it. Because as much as I'm aiming toward heaven, I don't suffer fools gladly and when needed, wield the wisdom stick. And instead of hiding behind a blank Blogger name, it would be nice to see if you had a blog, too, so we could visit and leave all sorts of nice little comments.


Kevin Whiteman said...

Hey Mary Rose,
Yep, I don't think "Mark" is an American. All the more proving that Americans have protected the entire world from Communism, Nazism, and latter day Islam for lo, these many decades.

So his punk comment "you've never protected me" kind of rings hollow. I couldn't help but notice he wasn't typing his comment in Russian, German or Japanese... nor did he have to stop to bow to meccca.

But America's never protected him... yeah, right.

Mary Rose said...

VSC, ah, that is interesting but your words are spot on. It's amazing how Eastern Europeans love us but the Westerners think we're a pile of you-know-what. Arrogant ingrates like this especially tick me off.

So many complaints - but yet who does the world call for when their back is against a wall? The Americans. No matter how much they hate us, they always seem to be able to have a hand outstretched to take our money or our military help.

BTW, as the freedoms slip away in many parts of Western Europe, I read a comment by one of them regarding why they're just letting it happen. The guy said, "We don't know how to fight for freedom the way you Americans do."

Doesn't that speak volumes?

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Madam,

Mrs. Tilman had a son in the military, Army Ranger Cpl. Pat Tilman.

He had anti-war opinions after having served some time in the heat of battle. His opinions did not come from cowardice; they came from being an American. He was ‘taken out’ by those who saw the potential of him returning home and voicing his concerns about our involvement. Can you imaging how this would pressure President Obama to bring the troops home if he were alive today? Think of all the money the war mongers of America would lose if our boys came home and protected our borders, like the military should do.

Acts of terrorism carried out on American soil from foreign countries? Nuke them to Hell.
Use our sons to protect America. Those towel heads we are fighting for won’t lift a finger to defend themselves as long as our sons are being sent to die in place of those camel jockeys.

Any mother who questions the actions of the U.S. military will be lied to. Our President and Military only bows to Big Business and Arab Potentates. See video here:

Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert has written a book all Americans should read entitled Soldier.
Here is a link to a story about him;

Lt. Col. Herbert had the fightingest Battalion in Vietnam. It was made up of former conscientious objectors. Read the book for details. I recall seeing him on the Dick Cavett Show. Senator Barry Goldwater was on before him, waxing wise. Lt. Col. Herbert came on, and looked Sen. Goldwater in the face and said “It is because of you and others like you that run the war from your armchairs, many of my men died. I refuse in their good names and memory therefore to sit on the same stage with a no good son of a bitch like you.” Exit stage left.We should have made him Pesident.

Protect our Borders. Quit sending our “Super Patriots” to fight losing wars.

It used to be that to become Pope, you had to sit pantsless in a horseshoe-shaped chair and let a couple of Cardinals see if you had the goods. If you passed, they'd yell "Testiculos habet et bene pendentes!" (He has testicles, and they hang well!) It's true; in those days it took balls to become Pope. We need to get rid of the Military skanks we have right now and bring forth men who can pass this test and put them in charge. Yes, this will rightfully eliminate women.


Plenty of money to defend towel heads, none for our troops.

We shall pray God’s protection for your husband’s son, Madam. From the enemy overseas, and the ones here.

Make our leaders accountable for every soldier brought home in a flag draped coffin.


Shirley said...

Looks like you hit a nerve, Mary Rose. I keep our, and all, soldiers in my prayers. Loved your remark that feminism has ruined our men, women, children, and country. Actually, if the whole world were good and faithful Catholics..... but there I go dreaming again.