Saturday, January 9, 2010

#Catholic Women Who Love the Magisterium: 2010 Investiture of Four Women to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

How thrilled I was to see this featured on Fr. Z's blog. It was a story and photographs of four young women undergoing investiture in the Benedictine Habit. As I looked at these photographs, I was touched by the obvious devotion and humility in each young woman's face. How filled with joy they are at the prospect of being joined with their Beloved Spouse! I never thought of this ceremony as being so "bridal" but there you have it. It perfectly explains the relationship a consecrated woman is entering when she enters into her vocation within a religious community.

When I see these beautiful women, filled with such love for our Saviour and Lord, I cannot help but think of the differences between such women and those who are in dissent with Rome. But when it comes down to it, it really boils down to one thing.


Those who embrace the traditions, who wear the habit and who desire to submit themselves on a daily basis to a greater calling - are filled with love and seek to give it generously. There is a softness about them. A pliant, willingness that reaches out with open arms, drawing people in. These are clear, pure channels - which our heavenly Father can so completely pour His Holy Spirit, touching the world with His love and mercy.

Can anyone look at such women and not be drawn to them?

I think you know what I think of the opposite choice. Those who seek power and control, who desire nothing less than a capitulation to their demands and who constantly confront and struggle with those who have authority over them - leave coldness in their path. Even in disagreements, we can disagree in love.

However, it occurred to me how little love there is with dissenters. On the other hand, we have these faces to look upon, who remind us of the holy relationship we are called to pursue. God bless them! To read more about this happy event, and to see more photographs, please visit Kansas Catholic.

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