Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Could Sarah Palin's Faith Be the Cause of the Hatred? #tcot #sgp #Catholic

I'm still in the midst of reading Sarah Palin's new book, Going Rogue. I knew I was reading the story of an authentic American heroine (yes, heroine) when I read about her early family life. She came from a close-knit family; with a father who challenged his children to excel and a mother who shaped her faith by taking her to church.

A parent's attitude and consistent training of their children cannot be overestimated. Parents are preparing their children for their future and those who are wise will help their children overcome obstacles and learn how to handle failure and disappointment. Both of Sarah's parents did this. But what has struck me is the depth of faith Sarah has cultivated in her life, even recently admitting in an interview with Glenn Beck, “There is nothing more important in my life than my relationship with God and my faith.” She added:
“In this past year especially -- past year and a half -- I have been so driven to my knees to pray for His guidance, for His wisdom, for His grace and for His Strength.”

The former Alaska governor called on fellow Americans to embrace Christianity, while pointing out its importance to America's foundation. “I sure would like to see more Americans give it a try,” she said, “and seek the guidance that our Founding Fathers sought and were able to [then] craft documents that allowed America to become the greatest, strongest, healthiest, most prosperous nation on earth.”

“I believe that there are eternal ramifications based on what we do here,” she said, further. “It allows me to know that what I do, it's not about me, it's not even about my children's future; it's longer lasting than that.”

Sarah Palin: Relationship with God is Most Important

I remember when I started working in my new job, my boss made a few negative comments about Sarah Palin. He said he just didn't like anyone who was a "Creationist." (He is a die-hard "Evolutionist.") I quickly said, "Can you be both?" It seemed to take him by surprise and he impatiently shrugged his shoulders, saying, "I guess." But I could tell the thought of Sarah Palin bothered him.

Since then, it has astounded me the level of hatred aimed at this woman. It's not that people just disagree with her. They loathe her with a vengeance that borders on psychosis. I've been intrigued and like many others, have developed my own theories. One is that leftists (especially radical leftist women) often seem to hate a conservative woman - especially a beautiful conservative woman. (Some radical feminists have been known to attack beauty as a tool of oppression. Yes, really.)

I chalk all of that negativity as pure jealousy. Sarah Palin was a high-school athelete and an avid runner. She's worked hard to keep herself fit. But instead of lauding such dedication (as the press often does with Obama's exercise regime), she gets bashed.

Many people point to Sarah Palin's relinquishing of her Governor's seat as proof that she's not cut out to be the President. First, I doubt she'll be tapped by the GOP for the position. (She simply isn't a blue-blood, country club type.) However, even before that she was "dumb," "ill-informed," "lacks political mojo," etc., etc. Even when she proved her knowledge on energy or her "take-no-prisoners" approach to Big Oil, it was shuffled under the rug as though it didn't matter.

I've been around enough devout Christians to recognize a serious contender for the faith when I see one. Palin is the real deal. In my opinion, only someone who has died to their own sense of self and embraced Christ, could enter into the highly competitive arena of politics and not be beholden to the political power machine. Someone has to have a rock-solid inner fortitude to do it and Sarah has done it.

Which brings me back to my ponder: Could it be that Sarah's faith in God is the true reason some people hate her with a passion? She isn't courting anyone's opinion. Her point of reference isn't The New York Times, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan, Joy Behar, or Oprah. It's God. She doesn't try to manipulate the press to her advantage because she isn't trying to connect to the press first. She's focused on connecting with the electorate.

Another accusation I've heard is that Palin doesn't "sound professional." They're absolutely right. She doesn't sound like a smooth-talking snake-oil salesman. She doesn't try to prove herself as the smartest person in the room. (And I know her detractors would say that would be impossible, anyway...) In fact, she doesn't come across to me as trying to "prove" anything except that she loves God, her family, and her country. It's a refreshingly simple approach to life that in reality was the backbone of building this country centuries ago. In fact, Sarah's approach hearkens back to the pre-politically correct days when people weren't so much focused on who they offended but rather, who they loved. And those of us who are Christian know what happens when people make love their aim. You get clobbered.

We live in a world that is increasingly hostile to faith, especially if that faith excludes anyone. Sarah Palin's faith is as much a part of her as her skin. She walks with the humility and grace that only a woman who has consistently been on her knees can exemplify. Those who have an irrational hatred toward her need to step back and ask themselves this question.

If Sarah Palin was not a Christian and did not publicly express her faith, would you hate her as much?


Mary said...

Boy, that was a good post.

X said...

Great post. I hope someday she will return to the Church she was baptized in - the Catholic church.