Friday, November 28, 2008

A Month for the Souls in Purgatory

Owen (onionboy), is doing a special devotion this month called A Month For The Souls In Purgatory.

Owen is a special "online" blogger friend I met while visiting other Catholic blogs. He is a convert and sacrificed much by becoming a Catholic. He was a Protestant minister. When Protestant ministers convert, they truly are giving up their livelihood. However, Owen is also a wonderful artist. (You can see his work here along with his charming observations about life.) He is selling his artwork but also will be in search of a job after recuperating from major surgery. Please keep him in your prayers for employment that will use his talents.

It touched me to learn about this devotion. Since I'm still learning about All Things Catholic, I realized the doctrine of Purgatory was an area I needed to learn about. Even as a young girl, I can't remember learning much about it.

So, check out the blog and add the names of your own dearly departed. God is merciful.

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Christine said...

Hello...found you through Spirit Daily....come on over and see there are a lot of us Catholics blogging!