Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I Love About Catholicism: Gratitude This Day

It is Thanksgiving, and I awoke thinking about my blessings. Both my husband and I had the day off (as opposed to my dear father, who actually had to work today but is getting off at 4 PM...) and we'll be heading soon to his parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

I am grateful for my husband, who loves me like I never thought I'd be loved and brings joy to my life in so many ways. I'm grateful for a new job that utilizes my education and skills. I'm grateful for our new home, which has much more room than our old place. I'm grateful for my family, friends, and fellowship.

But what I am especially grateful for is the fact that God called me back to the Catholic church. I am so deeply grateful for my new church family, which has brought a surprising amount of fellowship. I also am surprised by how rich my Catholic faith truly is, none of this watered-down stuff that I consumed for so many years; but a faith that is complex and filling. We as Catholics have a history that cannot be denied, no matter how much our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ may misunderstand it. Many of them simply don't know our heritage.

When I first started to attend Mass again, I was doing it out of a sense of familiarity. I had just lost my mother and Mass brought back good memories. Plus, I knew she'd approve. In time, I started to become more aware of the liturgy and wanted to investigate the meaning of everything. Little did I know that this search would take me to some very interesting places. My slight suspicion of our Blessed Mother has slowly been growing into respect and admiration. My years of challenging my father on "praying to the saints" has been replaced with a new appreciation of them and a clearer understanding of their role in our lives.

I have fallen in love with the Traditional Latin Mass, which was a huge surprise. But I am so grateful for this beautiful liturgy - for the silence and reverence that is built into it and how it allows me to worship God. I just had so many assumptions throughout the years about the Mass and how it was "boring" or "rote." I never thought it would ever have meaning for me. But it does and I am so grateful.

I hope this day brings you lots of moments to acknowledge how God has blessed you and shown you His great love. He desires for all of us to know Him and know of His love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints do intercede for us to know God more, for they are before His throne, beholding His glory day and night. We are pilgrims, but traveling with our eyes upon our ultimate destination. May God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, lead us safely home.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Rachel said...

"I also am surprised by how rich my Catholic faith truly is, none of this watered-down stuff that I consumed for so many years; but a faith that is complex and filling."

This is good for me to remember when I feel fed up with unfaithful Catholics who abuse the Church instead of loving her. They might not know the faith I think they're rejecting. They've just been given watered-down stuff.

Anyway, hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Yes, I'm Catholic said...

I'm glad Spirit Daily posted a link to your blog. I've been enjoying several of your posts tonight. What a gem!

Useless Memories said...

Enjoy this blog. Its refreshing to read something positive about being catholic

Mary Rose said...

Thank you for visiting! I wasn't aware of the Spirit Daily blog until today. Very glad to have found it and meet more Catholics from around the country and beyond.

Catholicism is so rich. I am deeply thankful to God for allowing me to finally recognize that truth! God bless you both, "Can I Change a Life: and "Useless Memories." :-)

Rachel, I agree with you. I don't think most nominal Catholics have any idea of their heritage. It's a lack of spiritual formation. They need good reminders like you! You're into the steak, as am I. I'm glad you came home, too. :-)

bryn said...

I too found your blog thru Spirit Daily...and it touches me.
I luv Scott Hahn, Emily Dickinson...EWTN...Latin...And our Catholic faith.

Bryn on Cape Breton Island