Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feast Day: St. Mary Magdelen

Today is the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdelen. I have always been touched by her story because her story can truly be our story. She was a wounded woman, filled with agonies brought on by the seven demons Jesus Christ expelled from her. Can you imagine the peace she felt once those demons were gone? The sense of safety she felt as she realized she was held in the palm of God's hand? No wonder she anointed Jesus with perfume and washed His feet with her hair.

I can only imagine her self-loathing before she met the Messiah. The shame, the guilt - all washed away by His words and the divine power of forgiveness. She is a reminder to us all that no matter how deep we fall, no matter how far away we've gone, we have an Advocate in heaven who implores us to come home, and rest in Him.

St. Mary Magdelen is the patron saint of those who struggle with sexual temptation, for druggists, hairstylists, and reformed prostitutes. And for contemplatives. Quite a group!

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