Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI Encyclical

I've never been one to read papal encyclicals, but I want to start doing so. I really like Pope Benedict XVI on many levels and when he makes a point, I want to get it. It seems this one is about the world's economic state. I love how Pope Benedict continues to emphasize the human component of making decisions. Although I'm a capitalist at heart, it has deeply concerned me how many major corporations are eager to offshore their business in order to give the stockholders a few more thousand dollars. Meanwhile, real Americans with real families lose their jobs to some factory in Malaysia, thus taking away their income which could have been spent in our country's economy.

I'll probably add more later as I sift through the encyclical. (It's long!) Feel free to add your thoughts in the combox.

The Pope's Encyclical and the Foundation of the Economy

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