Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director, To Enter #Catholic Church #prolife

Welcome home, Abby!

I still have not read her book, Unplanned, which is the story of how Abby, a Planned Parenthood director, had a soul-rocking revelation the day she was asked to help with an abortion. Before, Abby was passionately a pro-choice woman. But after witnessing an abortion (by watching it all unfold on the ultra-sound screen), Abby was sickened by what was truly happening.

Today Abby is one of the growing voices in the pro-life movement. I think it's interesting how many in the pro-life movement eventually convert to Catholicism if they weren't Catholic already. I know Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of the infamous Roe vs. Wade trial that led to legalized abortion, became a Christian and eventually converted to Catholicism. And Lila Rose (of the controversial Live Action group and fiery pro-life activist) converted to Catholicism in 2009. (Here's a link to a video that features Lila Rose sharing her story. Fast forward to the 1:57 mark.)

The Catholic Church is truly the defender of the defenseless. The pro-life stance is a testimony to Jesus Christ and a continuation of His command to "go out into the world and preach the gospel." God bless all who will be entering the Catholic Church this Easter Sunday. There are many spiritual treasures that await. :-)


Mairin :o) said...

That is very exciting news!! I have read her book. If you plan to read it just be aware that part of the first chapter or so is VERY upsetting as it tells very plainly the evil of abortion.

X said...

I just read her book and I wouldn't call her passionately pro-choice before her conversion. She believed that abortion was the absolute last and worst choice a woman could make (she had two of her own so she knows)and that if an abortion was to occur is was (I think)before the 12 week mark. She was very much against late term abortion. Of course she came to realize an abortion = death at 6 week or 6 months but in the past she had set limits in her own mind. Not saying those limits were correct - but she was not the bra-burning feminazi that I thought she was. In fact, except for the two abortions, before my own reversion I thought very much along the same lines as she did. So I'd call her moderately pro-choice before her conversion even though as a 150% ProLife person I realize that is an oxymoron of the highest order!

Mary Rose said...

Angela, thanks for the clarification. I have not read her book, but what I had read in interviews made me think she was passionate about what she did. At least to the point where she was a director of a clinic. However, I can also see that she didn't seem to be the "bra-burning feminazi" as you said. (lol) I'm just glad she had a conversion, like you. Praise God for such turning points! Thanks for your insights. :-)