Saturday, February 5, 2011

Noteworthy Blogs: Seraphic Singles and Love the Tradition, Loathe the Traddies #Catholic

I came across two more interesting blogs, both grabbing me by my heart for different reasons.

Seraphic Singles is a delightful blog for singles that I found through visiting The Crescat's site. Most of us will spend all of our lives single. I've only been married for nine years. Before that, I was single until I was 39. Finding a lovely young woman who not only has embraced being single, but is passing the joy on to others was indeed a treasure. If you're single, especially a single woman, I highly recommend visiting her blog to experience encouragement and smiles. Oh, and she also wrote a book about being single. Very nice!

The second blog, Love the Tradition, Loathe the Traddies, may surprise those of you who know I'm a Traditional Latin Mass lover. But it's a blog written by a priest who has wise counsel for those of us who are "traddies." I don't think of myself as a "baddie traddie," but still, it's always good to be reminded of how not to act. He also has a recent post about how we as Catholic bloggers should be careful of using our blogs for good, and not fall into the trap of just regurgitating drama for the sake of traffic or thinking that is the only worthwhile purpose of keeping a blog.

Mantilla nod to my friend, Tom, for letting me know about Fr. Raven's blog and of course, to Carolina Cannonball at The Crescat for always having interesting things posted.

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