Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catholics Killed by Somali Pirates - R.I.P. #Catholic

I was greatly saddened to hear the news that the four Americans who were taken hostage by the Somalian pirates, had been killed.

After reading more about the story, I discovered that the married couple, Scott and Jean Adam, had been sailing around the world on their yacht, "Quest" and had been spreading the gospel everywhere they could. They had Bibles on board.

There were concerns when their friends and families found out they would be sailing near the Somali coast. The Adams and the other couple, Phyllis Macay and Robert Riggle, reassured everyone that they would be too far out from the dangerous coastline to be at risk. They were wrong.

My heart goes out to the families. It has raised serious questions within me regarding the wisdom of entering any area that is predominately Muslim. We are witnessing fiercer and more common attacks on Christians all throughout the world. Is it right to assume that "God will take care of us" and enter into a potentially life-threatening scenario?

All I know is that four people, who had intentions to bring God's love to the world, were senselessly killed. It made no sense to kill them if the pirates wanted money. The only reason I can see these two couples being killed was that the Bibles on board were discovered and proselytizing in an Islamic country is a huge "no-no." The penalty is often jail and sometimes, death.

O God, Whose property it is ever to have mercy and to spare, we beseech Thee on behalf of the soul of Thy servant whom Thou hast called out of this world; look upon him with pity and let him be conducted by the holy angels to paradise, her true country. Grant that he who believed in Thee and hoped in Thee may not be left to suffer the pains of the purgatorial fire, but may be admitted to eternal joys. Through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord, Who with Thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.
Pray an Our Father followed by a Hail Mary.

Eternal rest give unto him, O Lord;

And let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

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