Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Husband's Video: "I Am a Cancer Survivor"

After my husband was declared cancer-free after the removal of a tumor in his colon, he told me he wanted to make a video about his experience. It's not long, but a good reminder to all of us as we grow older that certain medical tests and screenings really are a good idea.

When my husband turned 50, I remember asking him to get a colonoscopy. He brushed it off, saying he felt fine. I would have arguments with him over it. As much as he loves me, he would not go, even for me. It took a serious occurrence of rectal bleeding for him to finally relent and go the emergency room, where they kept him for observation, did a colonoscopy, and then, found a tumor.

We've been told that it was "lucky" that he bled, because usually this tumor was located was in a spot that typically didn't make itself known until it was much larger. I thank God because I know He showed mercy to us.

So, if you have a reluctant, stubborn man (or woman!) in your life who would rather sit through an entire season watching "Desperate Housewives" than visit a doctor and get a colonoscopy, please show him this video. I know my husband is really hoping it will change minds and save lives. God bless you. :-)


noreen said...

Hi Mary Rose, I saw your blog from Annie's Whirlwing blog and wanted to say hi. First, welcome back to the Catholic Church! Have you posted your story of what brought you back? I'd love to read it. I get so excited when I find new Catholic bloggers!

God has blessed you with the healing of your husband. God bless! www.rosarymom.blogspot

Ebeth said...

Had my first Colonoscopy done last Wednesday, March 23....clean bill of health, they say I don't need another one for 10 years....somehow I agree with your hubby...5 years is good for me.

Thanks for your message and God bless you both!! God is good!