Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sooo....Guess What I've Been Up To?


Or in other words, "video blogging." I decided to try my hand at videotaping a message and found it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be! First, my hands were doing things I never thought they'd be doing (as in wildly waving all over the place as I was talking...). Secondly, there was this weird whooshing sound the perceptive microphone captured and I realized it was the ceiling fan.

Then the light coming in from the window gave my face a weird cast. Oy...there are many considerations to videotaping that I am just beginning to learn.

I spent yesterday doing several "test" runs and then finally recording a full 19 minutes of a teaching. However, I decided to re-record everything today because 1) 19 minutes is too long and 2) practice at least starts the journey toward perfection. It's going to definitely be an area of growth. Bear with my spurts and stumbles. I hope what I said will encourage some young women.

I also discovered that my smaller Casio camera did a much better job with the video quality and sound. Unfortunately, after 7 minutes this morning of taping, the battery died. So I had to start from scratch using my Kodak Easy Share camera, which presented the issue of having a .MOV file instead of an .AVI. (.AVI files are easily edited within the Microsoft Movie Maker program.) I'm not impressed with the compression of the files, so my apologies. It came from converting the .MOV files to the .AVI files with the only program that worked for me today. (I tried four others to no avail.)

So, without further ado and in my "not-so-good-hair-day" and "froggy voice" moments, here they are. ("Honor" had to be divided into two sections since YouTube has a limit on the length of videos.) Also, I'm going to be on vacation the next few days and won't be near a computer until Saturday night. Have a great rest of the week!

My Introduction:

"Honor" - Part I

"Honor" - Part II


X said...

Oh my gosh - you are so cute! It is so cool to see you "live."

Adrienne said...

You are indeed pretty and you would be a big hit in Toastmasters, Int.