Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to "The Closet"

For many decades, if someone was gay but wished to avoid any harassment, they were described as being "in the closet." The very act of admitting their preference for homosexual behavior was deemed "coming out" as in coming out of "the closet."

Today we are witnessing a total deconstruction and reconstruction of "the closet."

As a result of the gay movement, there is now a new group being shuffled into the closet - Christians and anyone else who does not agree with the militant gay activists' demands. If you have the audacity to question the assumption that people are born gay, you are immediately labeled a "hater" and a "homophobe." If you believe the Bible when it comes to sexuality, you are again harassed for your beliefs and implied "ignorance."

Last time I checked, few Christians were hanging out at a gay bar, condemning the patrons for entering and doing what they like to do. Why is it acceptable for some of these gay activists to harass Christians? Most Christians who oppose homosexuality simply hold such beliefs without engaging or forcing their convictions on others. They aren't picketing GLBTQ campus groups. They aren't hanging around a Gay Pride parade. They aren't frequenting the gay restaurants and preaching at folks as they wait for their table.

So what gives?

This - it is the way of the world. Remember, the world hates the light but loves the darkness. There is no rhyme or reason for it because sin has no conscience and as such - no capacity for logical reason. This is why a gay person can look you straight in the eye and justify why a Christian photographer should be sued for refusing to photograph a lesbian wedding but yet totally overlook that a person's conscience is getting the short end of the stick. Remember - one of the leftist's most powerful moves in their playbook is to redefine the meaning of a word. And most gay-rights battles are being won.

So "persecuted" was wrong when it applied to gays but acceptable when it is applied to Christians. And the reason it is acceptable is because Christians are being "unfair." So a gay person's "rights" trumps the "fairness" of allowing a Christian to believe what they wish.

Mind police, anyone?

I just read a chilling article about Brazil. The title alone was enough for me to cry, "mercy" to God. But we really shouldn't be surprised. The Bible prophesied how the world was going to get worse for believers the closer we came to Jesus Christ's return.

I have no idea when Jesus will return or anything about "the last days." All I know is that the world has been in a tailspin toward hell for a long time but now it seems as though things have sped up a bit. Brazil is a good example.

Take a good look at the article, The World Watches as Brazil Advances Toward a Homosexual Dictatorship. The gay agenda is nothing more than an attempt to force everyone to accept fascism. The gay agenda has become the lightening rod to attract all other anti-Christian forces. If Brazil caves to the demands, no one will be allowed to disengage themselves from the pro-gay culture. Either you embrace them unconditionally, or you're punished with a jail sentence.

When I was younger, I remember learning about homosexuality. It was spoken about in whispers or the brunt of jokes. I observed those who "came out" with interest and curiosity. The compassionate side of me sympathized with anyone who felt ostracized by society.

However, in the course of thirty years, I have seen the "gay movement" become more shrill, uglier, and more controlling than any gay man's worse nightmare of a "Mommy Dearest." It's horrifying and I can't decide if it's more horrifying that they are totally ignorant of it or that this culture is so accepting of such outrageous behavior. And don't even question the wisdom of allowing gay couples to adopt by pointing out that children of gay couples are more likely to grow up gay.

At first, homosexuality was described as a preference. A "lifestyle choice." Then it went to the argument: "Would I chose this for myself? This constantly persecuted way of life? No. It's not a choice, I was born like this..."

Then they wanted to be "accepted" more and acceptance meant acknowledging their existence by including them in whatever they demanded. Then they wanted to be "embraced" with more of the same. Now it is a full-blown war to propagandize the schools and businesses because acceptance and embracement isn't enough.

They want to be adored. Idolized. Worshiped. They want society to repent for all the perceived nasty things said or believed because if not, punishment must happen. Instead of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world, now the sin of the world is demanding that conscience must be crucified. Of course this makes perfect sense because if conscience is killed, sin may run amok.

Some Christians may say, "Why fight?" Why, indeed. Did not Jesus Christ come for a reason? Was not His death to free all of humankind from the bondages of sin? And is not totalitarianism in direct opposition to the freedom that Christ has brought to the world?

Don't think. That's what the next demand will be from the activists. It is my prayer that Christians around the world will reject it and refuse to bow and serve the idol of Self. May God grant us the courage to fight.


Chris said...

"Instead of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world, now the sin of the world is demanding that conscience must be crucified. "

poetic and firghtening all at once...
very interesting post!

X said...

The whole movement really gained momentum when the Pill was introduced. *sigh*

Elisabeth said...

As the ex-wife of a homosexual, I thank you. This is a fantastic post.

Mary Rose said...

Thanks for the comments. :-) Laura, God bless you. It is amazing how many men suddenly "come out" after they're married. (Or sneak around, trying to hide it.)

It is frightening. I am both shocked and also strangely excited.

I'm excited because God is up to something. I believe we're going to have the opportunity to glorify Him more than ever by our strong stand for morality.

I keep thinking of the Old Testament story of Daniel and his refusal to bow to the idol of the King. (Daniel ch. 3)

Could we be given such a test of our faith? How it would purify our love for Jesus!

This is what fills me with such joy - it's a win-win! We can live each day committed to Him either privately; or publicly be given the opportunity to glorify Him with our obedience. No matter what the devil tries to do - we've won!

I just love God!

Anonymous said...

Very powerful, Mary Rose.

And frightening. The "closet" has become quite cramped, as more and more of us are forced into it. Your synopsis of the evolution of the homosexual movement is right on target.

I have an uncle who is homosexual. His metamorphosis fits that same profile: hidden, "out", ashamed, empowered, angry and now he suffers from extreme manic depression. No matter how much these men and women try to force acceptance upon the rest of the world, they never really come to terms with acceptance themselves. Their conscience will not allow it.

I refuse to call them "gay." They are anything but happy...

X said...

CFV - you hit the nail on the head!

My aunt and her "parnter" live in Amsterdam - supposedly the "gay" capital of Europe and the model city of "acceptance" and "tolerance" (I hate telling people I was born in Amsterdam now!!!)

Anyway, they don't live together but they've been together about 15 years and "uncle" Martha suffers from severe depression even though she lives in the most "enlightened" and "accepting" city in the world. She was "out" to her family, etc. etc. and still it's not enough.

She really is a nice person but like your uncle there is uneasyness in her soul.

Both my aunt and her lover were married to men before. Neither had children. Perhaps they have a frustrated femininity???

MR - I'd love for you to ponder that one and give me your take on it!

everyonecounts said...

you people are all hate - hate anything that doesn't fit in your box of normalcy. you don't have to like gay people, but keep your judgmental opinions to yourself.

gay people are born that way. they don't have a choice. no one chooses to be part of a judged group. my cousin and his partner are gay, live in suburbia and are blissfully happy and attend church regularly. so please do not assume that all homosexuals are disgraced and ashamed with themselves.

the reason so many gay people are upset and clinically depressed is because they can't be themselves. they can't be themselves because of people like you

we could all certainly make the same assumptions about good christian soldiers who are closet alcoholics or child molesters and the list goes on.

Jesus doesn't hate. He loves everyone. Judge and ye shall be judged.