Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome! I'm Glad You're Here!

This post will be for new visitors (and old ones, if you'd like to add more information about yourself). During the past year that I've kept this blog, I've been deeply touched by my visitors. Many have introduced me to new ideas, websites, blogs, etc. that has helped me in my journey. Some have prayed for me and I really appreciate it. We all can use prayer!

So introduce yourself if you'd like. What do you love about Catholicism? Are you a "reclaimer" who has been away for awhile? I enjoy hearing other people's experiences and our stories encourage one another. I hope you enjoy the blog. Also, if you have a blog of your own, let me know so we can all visit. :-)

Adrienne of Adrienne's Catholic Corner and Angela of Where Angels Go were two of my early online Catholic friends who helped make me feel welcome. I highly recommend reading both blogs. They are full of warmth, encouragement, and many times just plain silly fun. Who said Catholics are stuffy?!!


Nichole "Nikki" Warren said...

What I love there is always something to learn! Catholicism is deep in history, so there is always something to learn! I do have a blog and you can find it by viewing my profile (ie click on my screen name)

Unknown said...

I too am a return Catholic~7years ago last month. What I love about our Catholic Faith is the sureness of Truth; I know I will never be steered wrong in my faith if I hold to its teachings.(There's tons more but that's it in a nutshell)
Thanks for your blog; it was one of the first I began following when I started blogging.
My blog is Daughter of the King at
Thanks and God Bless!

Kimberly said...

I was raised in a fundamentalist baptist church, but i lived only a few blocks from a catholic church.

I would walk with my friend to her catechism class, and wait for her. One day i went in the church alone and sat on the pew.

I was filled with a presence, i knew someone was there with me. I had never heard of Eucharistic adoration, and knew nothing of the true presence of Jesus in the tabernacle.

That encounter as a child led me to attend RCIA classes, the fall after i married, and entered the church in April 1985.

I blog about my crazy life in the country with my husband and our 9 children. I am at

Unknown said...

Mary Rise,
You've been given an award at daughter of the King. Thanks for your inspirational blog.
God Bless!

Adrienne said...

Your blog is a true inspiration for so many people. And.........I love that new picture of you on the right. What a beautiful smile (to go with your beautiful voice)

paramedicgirl said...

I am a Cradle Catholic who fell away from the Church at the age of thirteen and owe my reversion to a big stack of Catholic books lent to me by a convert friend:

Have you ever noticed how converts to the Catholic faith often seem to really be on fire with knowledge of the faith and love of God? They don't come to the Catholic Church by accident, rather, they arrive there by their study of the truth, a path that causes them to read the writings of the early Church fathers and the saints. In the process, they fall in love with the mysteries, the truths and the ancient history of the Catholic faith, and it shows in their expressions, their conversations and their interactions with others. It's as though they have discovered the pearl of great value and want to share it with everyone they meet.

I met such a person eleven years ago when I rediscovered my Catholic faith. She showered me with books about the faith I grew up with but knew so little about, and the learning process that should have been fostered and nourished in me as a child began for me as an adult.

I am a cradle Catholic, and I learned more from her than I ever did from all my years growing up Catholic. Oh, I went through the motions of being Catholic without the understanding of what it means to actually be Catholic. What is it about so many cradle Catholics? Do we take for granted that we have been born into the faith of our fathers, so never really feel the desire or the inclination to explore or fall in love with our religion?

I might add that reverts to the faith show the same deep love and understanding of Catholicism that converts do. Maybe God in His wisdom, is giving us the foundation of knowledge to be built on later in life when we are more disposed to treasure it and nourish it to its full potential.

Leanne said...

Hello, I have just found your blog, I am a homeschool Catholic Mum from Australia and I will be addding you to my favourites to read some inspiring words.
Thanks Leanne

KMK said...

I stumbled onto your blog today -- but will be a frequent future visitor. I too feel very fortunate to have landed in this town and the Latin Mass at Holy Family parish.

Kristyn Hall said...

I am a fairly recent convert...
my store can be found at Steve Ray's site

Love your story.

Patty said...

I'm a convert-revert a very small portion of my story can be found at This is basically a talk given to a group of men and women to describe my relationship with the Blessed Mother.

I am a recent blogger; and have two purposes for blogging. The first is to share my journey of continuing conversion toward the peace and joy that is found in knowing, loving and serving the Truth which is Christ Jesus and subsists fully within His Catholic Church. The second is to share the pain, sorrow and tears for my sons who have fallen away from the true faith of Jesus Christ and to encourage and support others who carry this same heavy cross.

I also enjoy writing and hope through blog posting and doing book reviews I might be able to polish my writing skills well enough to at some point in the future write a book to provide encouragement and support for parents and grandparents of fallen away Catholics.

I enjoy your blog Mary Rose, and will be a frequent visitor. God bless you.

Kristy Z. said...

I am so glad I found your blog! I, too, am a "revert" to Catholicism. I was raised in a nominally Catholic home. I thank God that my dad (parents divorced) sent me to Catholic school for four years. I loved everything about God, but oddly enough I didn't know anything about having a relationship with Him. So when I was 15 (and not attending Catholic school any longer) I got "saved" at a Baptist youth convention and experienced Protestantism for 18 years. Now 33, I have returned home to the Catholic church. Blogs were a HUGE part in my coming home journey. By reading the blogs of more traditional Catholics, I have been able to see the truth and depth of the Catholic Church. And I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. My big problem now is finding Catholics in my area who are as passionate about the Faith as those I've found on blogs. I went to a Catholic counselor through our local Catholic charity, expecting to find good sound Catholic counseling that would help me to heal from wounds using the Bible as a guide. The counselor let me know that she couldn't provide spiritual guidance, that they direct that kind of counseling to a priest. My priest was the one who recommended going through the Catholic charity! Argh! I am praying that I will find the depth I am looking for. And I sense that one day I may be called to help Catholics know their faith. I have a deep passion for this, more so after hitting many dead ends!

By the way, would you mind letting me know how you feel about Halloween? I have always been in Protestant churches that discourage people from participating in Halloween, and I know the reasons why. It seems like a lot of Catholics celebrate Halloween, but I can't find any in depth teaching that can pursuade me that it's anything other than a counter-day to All Saints and All Souls Day.

Thank you for being here building the faith!


Joyful Catholic said...

Greetings from Omaha NE. Wonderful blog, Mary Rose! ~ You're profile is great. I look forward to reading your story of your journey Home!

Isn't the Catholic Church and Faith just THE BEST?!? My husband and I returned to the CC in Dec. 2004. We are so glad to be HOME! We were gone for 26 years. I do have a blog also and would love some visitors anytime!

Currently there's a 'discussion' of sorts going on with an ex-Catholic right now in the comments under my post: "Where Is the Word "Symbol" In the Literal Words of Jesus?"

Pray for all 'lapsed' and 'ex-Catholics' that they'll receive the gift of grace and faith and that their minds are illumined w/ the Truth, to 'set them free' to come back Home and Be FREE in the vast, broad and deep glorious Catholic Faith!

My heart goes out to them and why I was prompted to start our apostolate, RECON, to 'RECONnect to the Truth' those who like me/us were away from the Fullness of Truth for so long. To come 'taste and see' that the LORD is GOOD and IS IN HIS CHURCH!

It's the last JOYFUL Mystery that wells up inside my heart! JESUS is His FATHER's HOUSE! He is there IN THE TABERNACLE in EVERY Catholic parish! 2010 years in the most humble way, in a tiny white host! Ever ancient, ever new, waiting there...just for you! And for me and for all who will recieve!

Rome Sweet Home! :D


Unknown said...

Hi Mary Rose! I knew you had a blog and now I've found it! I really enjoy listening to your lectures during CCD and Youth Group. You are so sweet.

I could give you a hundred reasons why I love our faith. Our faith is so irrevocable true, deep, and beautiful. If I belonged to a different religion and or another denomination of Christianity I would feel "that" unpleasant void, harboring, anchoring into my soul. That void would need to be filled with the Proper filling, a truthful, wholesome filling. The Church has been given to us by Christ as a means of reaching to Him perfectly. The Church feeds, inspires, comforts, and draws us in to what is holy. I prefer believing and trusting in something that I know to be perfect, true, and safe.

I have a blog, though it isn't like yours or so many other Catholic's. I feel it's rather out of place... Feel free to explore. There will be more posts and pages added as I get into the groove of things. I started months ago, but I finally wrapped my mind around some subjects that I feel urged to share.

Happiness be with you and your husband! I hope to see you soon!

Anne Renouf