Friday, November 27, 2009

#FrFriday: Rev. Fr. Donald Kloster, Traditional Latin Mass Educator #Catholic

I am just discovering Rev. Fr. Donald Kloster, who has YouTube videos available that explains some aspects of the Traditional Latin Mass. I remembered discovering him a few months ago and bookmarked his videos for future viewing. Finally, I got around to watching some of the videos and was immediately grateful. Fr. Kloster delivers clear content regarding the TLM, and is humble, quietly joyful, and very knowledgeable about Catholic history. He is a joy to watch.

He celebrates the TLM at least 3 times weekly at St. Pius X Catholic Church (in the Archdiocese of San Antonio) at 3907 Harry Wurzbach Road, 1/2 mile south of Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. There is a beautiful website, The Traditional Catholic Latin Mass, which includes photos, videos, links, and information.

Below is one of the videos where Fr. Kloster is teaching. Enjoy!

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Shirley said...

Thanks for the link; I'll be checking it out. I was blessed to have the TLM 3 times at our NO Church this week, as we had a priest from the FSSP visiting his family in our parish. We had adoration (Holy Hour of Reparation) with our usual priest this morning, and we can't convince him to not have the "meditative music" he insists on when there are times when we could be silent and listen to the Voice of God in our souls. Sigh.