Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Politics: It's All About Religion

My husband and I have been watching various programs that offer commentary on today's political climate. I listen to "talk radio" often. Since 1995, I've read many political commentary books, websites, and blogs. After all of my pondering, I have become more resolute than ever in my conclusion.

It was never about politics. It has been and always will be about religion.

When I was younger, I heard the old adage, "Never talk about politics or religion with people at work or at a social gathering with those who are strangers." I remembered thinking, "How boring! What is more exciting than discovering how a person believes a civilized society should govern themselves; and how he orders his world by his beliefs in a higher power?" Obviously I have little use for small talk although I understand its necessity, especially in social situations.

However, I tried my best to follow the unspoken rule although I couldn't help offering an opinion every once in awhile on one or the other. One of the reasons I love my family so much is because we discuss these topics often.

Lately, though, I've been noticing a seismic shift in culture. I believe it has shocked people because for many years, we were living in a country where the Judeo-Christian values were reflected in our culture. At one time, our entertainment was sensitive to these values. Not anymore.

And it used to be acceptable to disagree with someone without wanting to rip their face off. But today, we're seeing the Biblical equivalent of a "gnashing of teeth." Disagreement is no longer acceptable. Total submission to the leftist political ideology is demanded. If one questions it, or worse, defies it -- then there is literally hell to pay. They will try to destroy you.

Which brings me to my point: I used to separate the two - politics and religion. But now I believe that it has always been about religion and in particular, about the God of the Old and New Testament. Look around the world. Is there such an uproar about Buddhists or Taoists? Do Hindus get smacked around in the press or mocked in late night TV? And Muslims? Everyone cowers in fear because no one wants to get their head chopped off, so we tiptoe around them. But both Judaism and Christianity are targets for destruction because...

Because why?

Because both of these religions have tenets of faith that will not bend to the world. These beliefs affect a person's life. It affects how they vote, where they live, how they conduct themselves. Those who are believers are not beholden to any government, they are beholden to God. Submission is made in loving trust and obedience to God, not hammered out by an overbearing political system. It is not about control, but love. And love gives. It does not take.

Evil is showing its face more frequently, now, and not just in the darkness but the light. We are witnessing more crime being committed in broad daylight. Just the other day, a man sprayed a woman with his own...um, body fluid in a supermarket. A supermarket! She turned her back and bam! She was assaulted by some man who had no boundaries whatsoever. We are seeing these kinds of stories in the news with greater frequency.

Think of what being raised in a family that values religion does to a person, to a society. Think of how such precepts, which were consistently practiced in our country for centuries, resulted in a society that knew how to behave, how to treat one another. Now look at our country without religion and tell me what you see. Rampant crime, promiscuity, abortion, perversity, abuse, addiction, violence, laziness, disrespect, and cruelty, to name a few. And politics claim to fix them but has never delivered.

No changes within the political system will remove these things. Only when a person gets right with God will things change. Except we're now living in a society that is circling around believers, wanting to strangle the truth out of them. Which is us, if you're a believer in God and refuse to bow to the god of self.

Evil has always existed but before it was relegated to the seamier parts of town. Now our whole country is becoming seamy, corrupt, and cheap. We must pray, of course, for our world. But we also need to ask God to give us strength and grace to stand strong and not give in. The politicians are used to buying off their critics. But with a believer in God, it doesn't work that way, especially if you're a Christian.

Because we've been bought already at a price the world would never be able to match, let alone surpass. The One who we belong to loves us, and will bring us through this journey to finally arrive at the home we were created to inhabit -- everlasting life with Him.
"My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust." - Psalm 91:2 (RSV)

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Perhaps even more precisely it's all about sex.