Monday, January 4, 2010

New Podcast Series: "Treasures: Stories of the Traditional Latin Mass" #Catholic

I'm excited to announce a new podcast series, "Treasures: Stories of the Traditional Latin Mass." This has been on my heart for awhile. Although I am not advocating that everyone attend the TLM, I do believe it has gifts to give to the Church, if we can be open to it. When I returned to the Catholic Church, and first discovered the Traditional Latin Mass, I was greatly encouraged by Pope Benedict's re-emphasizing the beauty of this rite.

What I hope to do with this series is both introduce the Traditional Latin Mass to those who are unfamiliar with it, and also break down some misconceptions and stereotypes. I'll especially explore why people love it so much and how it has affected their sense of Catholic identity.

My first guest is Kevin, otherwise known as "Vir Speluncae Catholicus" (Catholic Caveman), the original "caveman" of his blog, "Lair of the Catholic Cavemen." Kevin was a joy to interview and is quite funny. It is evident that he has a strong appreciation of the TLM and has great points to make about the traditions of the Church.

I did create "chapters" to this podcast because it is long. (1 hour and 12 minutes!) I tried to edit as much as I could but wanted to retain the heart of the conversation. If you go to iTunes, and so a search for "Catholic Prodigal Daughter" in the podcast section, you'll find this episode and the chapters will show under "Chapters" in the toolbar. Below are the chapter markers:

0.00.00 - 0.09.55 : Introduction
0.09.56 - 0.20.01 : Why Men Like the TLM
0.20.02 - 0.30.13 : Conscience and Spiritual Formation
0.30.14 - 0.39.27 : Active Participation
0.39.28 - 0.49.48 : A Connection to the Past
0.49.49 - 1.12.00 : To Those Who Don't Like the TLM

Hope you like it. I'm on the lookout for others who would like to share their story. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, contact me at zinkpoe"at"gmail"dot"com. Many blessings to you!

Because the embeddable player from Podbean was not working, here is a direct link to the recording:

Treasures: Stories of the Traditional Latin Mass


Kevin Whiteman said...

Wow! I feel like a celeb! It was great fun being interviewed. But for whatever reason, I can't connect to any of the podcast after the initial segment.

Am I not connecting correctly?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Sounds like fun, I'd be a bit of a long distance interview, but it could be done :)

Anonymous said...

Mary Rose,

How do I listen to the podcast?
God bless.

Mary Rose said...


Forgive me for not responding sooner. If you're still reading, click on the link in this entry at the bottom. My podcast is hosted on Podbean but their embeddable player doesn't work with chapters, which I used.

Hope that works! It should pop up in your screen after you click it, then just click the Play button.