Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than New Creative Software

Yes, I suppose I'm "kinda sorta" a geek. One year, my husband gave me an 80 GB secondary hard drive for a birthday present and I was thrilled. (It would seem creating tons of digital scrapbooking 12x12 pages has a way of filling up disk storage.) I love pretty much anything digital. Since technically (ha) I'm not a "native" of tech (I didn't grow up with it like most of the "millennials" of Generation Y), I still find all of it fascinating; especially when it deals with creativity tools.

So yesterday, I received my graphic studio software. (No, not Adobe Illustrator. Someday...) It will allow me to create animated web banners among other things. Eventually I'll post some of my creations here. I seriously want to use whatever skill set I have to promote Catholicism on the web. I've offered to create blog banners for a few people and some have taken me up on it. I need to also find some good Catholic stock photos.

I always have projects going on, many times, more than I really can handle. One of them will be to increase my ScrapShot Magazine website and create an honest-to-goodness electronic magazine. (If my dad is reading this, I'm sure he's 'tsk-tsking,' "Where will you find time to do this?") Well, I don't have children, so that should explain quite a lot.

Maybe my computer is my "child." I sure do spend enough money and time on it. ;-)

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