Saturday, December 20, 2008

Noteworthy Blog: Another New Blogger -The Heresy of Progress

Doug at The Heresy of Progress has a fascinating story of how he ended up "at Rome." I cannot tell you how much these stories mean to me. I am in awe when a Protestant brother or sister in Christ decides to "swim the Tiber" and convert to Catholicism.

I remembered telling my dad not too long ago: "I used to watch during Easter services, the new converts to the faith walk up the altar to be formally received and I'd think, 'why?'" Catholicism at that point didn't seem particularly interesting. It was just something I grew up with and for a variety of reasons, took for granted. I had never seen any attraction that Catholicism would have for someone not raised as a Catholic.

Oh, what a difference 25 years away from the Catholic church makes.

Now I get it. Now I completely understand and am both humbled and elated by my Catholic faith. We have such a precious gift but yet often, it is either overlooked or ridiculed by others. Tis fine. We "get it" and our prayers should be that others, like Doug, "get it" too. I am so thrilled to be alive at this time in history. I believe more are going to be "coming back home" and I am looking for opportunities everywhere to welcome them with as much love that has been extended to me.

So, welcome to the wonderful Catholic blogosphere, Doug!


dougeller said...

Thanks very much for the post and the warm welcome! -- Doug

P. said...

Yes, for me too. I can't imagine the hapiness of God when this hapens because, with me, it's such a joy.

Angela said...

I too used to have those exact same just blew me away that they WOULD want to be Catholic..blush blush. God is so amazing!! Amazing that He has brought me back!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!
Welcome Doug..dear precious brother!!

dougeller said...

Thank you all so much for your warm welcome! Don't be so surprised that a former protestant would find the Church attractive. Remember, we have languished for five hundred years with only a small part of the story. I for one was jaw-drop-amazed when God brought me back into His One Holy Catholic Church.

Angela said...

That was beautiful Douglas. What an amazing God we serve!!