Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interesting Day, Yesterday

I attended my very first "protest rally" with our local Tea Party. In spite of how mainstream media (MSM) is trying to portray the event as "astroturfing" or "sour grapes," make no mistake about it. The "Tea Party Movement" is a true grassroots movement and it is worrying quite a few Obama supporters and most of the MSM.

If you'd like to read how the movement started, which really was only a few short months ago, read Michelle Malkin's concise and informative timeline.

I have always been interested in politics ever since I've been in high school. But I've leaned mostly to the right. However, when Ken Mehlman, then Chairman of the Republican Party, said the party was no longer for "small government," I felt like an orphan. I didn't know where to turn because frankly, both parties no longer seem to share my convictions.

I believe in the brilliance of our Constitution. I believe in a hard-work ethic, responsibility, respect of those in authority, and all the freedoms we have enjoyed, won by the blood, sweat and tears of brave men and women who have laid down their lives for this country. We live in an exceptional country, showing generosity to those in need and support to those who yearn for freedom. I respect the divide between government and religion but do not believe it is government's role to restrict my religious freedom. I could go on, but this pretty much describes me. The "912 Project." (9 principles, 12 traits)

Now we have the Department of Homeland Security calling those who believe in these freedoms a "threat." This is what has finally motivated me to take action.

I think about Pope Benedict and what he would say to me. I remember last year when he encouraged Catholics to get involved in the public square. I am trying to find the balance. I want to be involved, but yet how involved? And is it really worth it?

Just some thoughts and an explanation of where I've been the past few days. If any of you have found a good way to balance citizen activism with your religious convictions, I am definitely all ears. Big blessings to you.

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