Monday, May 3, 2010

Vatican Approves New Missal, Bishops Decide When to Implement #Catholic

WASHINGTON—The Vatican has given its “recognitio,” or statement of acceptance, of the proposed U.S. version of the new edition of the Roman Missal. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) now must decide when to authorize its use in dioceses and parishes in the United States.
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I am very interested in the new missal's release. Since my return to the Catholic Church, I've been noticing everything about the liturgy - both within the Novus Ordo (or "New Mass," the one that evolved after Vatican II) and the Traditional Latin Mass (also called the Tridentine Mass and the Gregorian Rite).

I look at our liturgy as a defining element of who we are as Catholics, what we believe, and what is important. The liturgy has the power to exalt God and His Son, Jesus Christ. In humbling ourselves before that power, our souls are lifted, cleansed, and renewed.

I think almost any Catholic can agree that there have been times when the liturgy has been miscommunicated and, as often noted, abused. Instead of leading us toward worship of our heavenly Father and His Son, it has elevated Self. The problem is, Self and God cannot be elevated at the same time.

So we have a new translation of the liturgy that I believe will have more "oomph" when it comes to understanding Catholic identity. I believe it will help fulfill the true mission of our liturgy, which from my understanding to this point - is to remember what God did for us by sacrificing His Son, and the peace that is extended toward all by His great love for us.

Now, all that needs to happen is for the Bishops to decide when to roll this lovely liturgy into our parishes. I still have hope it will happen this year.


Adrienne said...

I wouldn't hold your breath. They are already talking about all sorts of parish education - blah, blah, blah. I think the changes are so inconsequential that the average pew-potato won't even notice.

They didn't show all this concern when they dumped the NO Mass on unsuspecting Catholics, so my question is, "why all the concern now?"

Since we bounce back and forth from NO to the FSSP parish, the difference in the prayers is striking. Just my two cents worth.

kkollwitz said...

"...I believe will have more "oomph" when it comes to understanding Catholic identity."

Incrementally, yes. I wrote a bit about this a few months ago for those who can't sleep: