Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Clerical Whispers" Blogger Outed #Catholic

I just received an email today and am reprinting it below. I did remove the "Clerical Whispers" blog from my blogroll because believe me -- the only time liberal Catholicism will be on my blog is when I'm ranting about it. I have no interest whatsoever in linking to any liberal Catholic blogs or bloggers.


Dear fellow Catholic bloggers,

I'm writing this because I noticed that your blog has a link to the "Clerical Whispers" blog.

Its author was believed to be a Roman Catholic priest in Ireland. However, I found out this week that he has been identified as a clergyman in a tiny denomination.

Someone has even set up a blog dedicated to exposing him, at the URL

According to the information on that site, the blogger "Sotto Voce" was Joseph Ryan, a priest of the very liberal "Reformed Catholic" church until it dissolved a few months ago. Perhaps this is why he identified himself on "Clerical Whispers" as "an RC priest".

I'm writing merely to pass along this information and correct misunderstandings. If "Sotto Voce" meant to fool people and pass himself off as a member of the Roman Catholic clergy, it really is wrong, and the imposture should be exposed. Let us pray for his return to the true faith and the authentic Church.

As a point of disclosure: I'm relying on the information on that web site and do not have independent confirmation about it.

Independently, at least one other blogger has noticed the pro-gay opinions of "Sotto Voce" and dropped him for that reason in 2007:

Thanks for your work in sharing the Catholic faith through your writings on the

God bless--

(writing at the "Catholic Light" team blog,


Jackie said...

wow, thanks for letting us know .

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