Sunday, February 1, 2009

At My Father's House

Ha... there is a Christian song by that same title. I'm visiting my dad, again. I rented the movie from Netflix, "The Scarlet and the Black," about the life of Fr. Hugh O'Flaherty, the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' of the Vatican. During WWII, Fr. O'Flaherty managed to hide Allied Forces P.O.W.'s and protect Rome's Jewish community while Hitler's S.S. thugs roamed the streets. It is quite a story, one I was unaware of until I was browsing Netflix's library.

Gregory Peck plays Fr. O'Flaherty, which just made it all the better. I love Gregory Peck, although I disagreed with his politics. Still, you have to think that maybe, playing Fr. O'Flaherty reminded him that yes, there is such a thing as evil in the world and the response should be to resist it at all costs. Others paid for that cost dearly, but many were saved by their bravery.

Great movie. I'd highly, highly recommend it if you've not already seen it.


Elisabeth said...

I haven't seen The Scarlet and the Black yet, but I loved Peck in The Keys of the Kingdom, a story about a Scottish priest who became a missionary in China (fiction, but great story-telling). I saw a couple of interviews with Peck from his later years, and I think he was not hanging on at all tightly (at all?) to his Catholic upbringing - but he did bring a certain reverence and grace to his Catholic priest characters, didn't he.

zetor said...

I've a copy of Scarlet and the Black and watch it often, I absolutely love it!