Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Conservative Radio Shows Disappearing?

Anyone else notice that some of our conservative radio shows are disappearing? I just realized last night that one of our local radio stations, which previously was a straight conservative format - is now completely sports talk. So my noticing that "The War Room with Quinn and Rose" was gone was alas, not a temporary glitch but permanent. Yes, I am grieving the loss. Quinn and Rose are both very intelligent and professional radio personalities and it galls me to think someone in the C level decided they were replaceable.

Today I just learned that the FM station in town that carried "The Dennis Miller Show" also switched to sports talk. Bill O'Reilly has quit his radio show and making his website a news site. Rose answered my letter with the suggestion that I join their "members only" part of the site where I can listen to their podcasts for a fee.

I don't particularly care to pay a fee but I may. What saddens me is that I no longer will be hearing anything "live." It seems as the conservative shows disappear, all we'll be left with is a bunch of recordings. And how does that work for listeners who want to call in?

I'm just a mixed bag of irritation, disgust, sadness, and anger. As Carolina Cannonball of The Crescat would say...

Hiss. Spit. Growl.


Jeff Miller said...

Not in my area where there is 2 full time conservative talk radio stations.

Though they don't carry all the shows I want to listen to.

So I record talk radio off the internet stream to listen to Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt. Most talk shows let you listen live via their stream.

I also subscribe to two shows as Podcasts. Mark Levin whole show minus commercials is free on iTunes. G Gordon Liddy's show is also on iTunes.

Anonymous said...

DH is also very upset that many of his favorite talk radio shows are no longer on locally. Since they started airing Quinn and Rose a couple of years ago or so here, he always began his day with them and it was just like being back in Pittsburgh for him. He was shocked the other morning when he tuned in and heard sports talk! So we're right there with you!

Mary Rose said...

I have been listening to many shows via a web live stream. Most radio stations now have a "Listen Live" button to click. However, most of the ones that were on a website page that listed Quinn and Rose's live streams didn't seem to work. I'll try again today, but it seemed many had switched to FOX Sports, or another brand new show (The Morning Show?).

Thanks, Jeff, for letting me know about the free podcasts. I've been quickly filling up my iPhone with Fr. Roderick's "Daily Breakfast" and Audio Sancto recorded homilies. I've heard good things about Levin and Liddy.

Sweetpealanding, tell your hubby I know! Maybe he, too, can enjoy Levin and Liddy. I just have a sneaking suspicion that conservative talk is eventually going to go the route of satellite or internet stream only.