Sunday, February 8, 2009

So, What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

Well, this is my first time going through the Lenten season as a returning Catholic. I've been giving this some thought because I know it's important. Giving up something for Lent is:
  • as a discipline for learning self-control, to free our minds from the chase after material things,
  • to identify with Christ's sufferings, and remember what the true pleasures are for followers of Christ,
  • as an act of sorrow over our wrongdoings.
(source: SpiritHome)

I like the thought of discipline, because most of the time, my decisions are focused on my own needs. I also think it's very important to think about what Jesus went through in order to provide us eternal life.

Well, here's my thought: I think I'm going to give up criticizing President Obama and liberals. Whenever I'm tempted, instead, I will pray for them. It seemed this area will be more a challenge than just giving up chocolate. So. My blog is going to be free from my political rants during Lent. Who knows? Maybe I'll even say a rosary or two for them.


Unknown said...

Mary Rose,
I love your idea for Lent. After my first or second year of my return to the Church, I gave up giving things up- instead I try to do something extra- an hour of Adoration for example, giving a little more to a good charity etc. I like how your giving something up will lead to prayer. Don't know if you saw the Perpetual Rosary for Pres. Obama on I think they still have time slots open if you're intersted.
God Bless!

Mary Rose said...

Thanks, Karinann. I'll definitely look into it. Great idea!

Timothy said...

A favorite chronic sin.

The best advice I ever received regarding Lent was to give up that which comes between you and Christ. Usually, its not candy or fast food.

You want a great Lent? Examine your conscience and choose wisely.

God bless... +Timothy

Kimberly said...

I add to my daily devotions, instead of giving something up. I do the daily lent readings, and add a daily rosary. With a houseful of children somedays, I only complete 1 decade before I fall asleep with my beads in my hand. But, a very dear priest once told me, every rosary I start and fall asleep during, the angels finish for me.

Mary Rose said...

Timothy! I'm always so happy when you stop by. Thanks for the wise words. I was praying about Lent and asking the Lord what could I do - what was near and dear to me that would not be an easy thing to reliquish, and could be a good exercise in purifying my heart. The issue of harsh judgement immediately came to mind. It is a sin I have wrestled with for some time, and the consequential anger.

We are called to judge, but yet to also pray for those who are in authority over us. It's safe to say I do much more of the former than the latter. So. I think I have something substantial to work on. :-)

Kimberly, God bless you! I believe that as we soberly examine this time and especially pray the Sorrowful Mysteries, God allows our hearts to become even more tender toward Him. I hope to share in what our Catholic community learns during this time. The cool thing is that I'm going to go on a retreat at the end of the month that will really kick it off right.

Jamie said...

Our family gives up something as a group--this year it's Netflix. I also throw in a private give-up. I like to pick something that's really gonna get my goat everyday, like the blow-dryer, paper towels, or sugar in my coffee.

X said...

I'm giving up sleep. Since my job starts at 10 and I it only takes me 7 minutes to get there I have fallen into a bad habit of staying up later and later and then not getting up until 8:30. I am going to start getting up earlier to read my bible, pray and get to Adoration more often.